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San Francisco Fringe


The 2017 San Francisco Fringe is now over. Check back in 2018 for our coverage.
SFFringe Website: http://www.sffringe.org SFFringe Dates: September 6-15, 2018

Welcome to our coverage of San Francisco Fringe.

September 8-23 2017

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I want to see … at SF Fringe Fringe

Our quirky and intuitive show-finding tool.

I want to see…

… some Gothic storytelling and cabaret. Then see Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth!

… a funny and heartfelt story of how a middle-aged man finds himself back in Nebraska helping his Dad cope with his Mom’s Alzheimer’s. Then see Even If It’s Wrong

… some theatre exploring stereotypes and the word “Black”. Then see BLACK!

… a human story about adoption. Then see An Audience With Shurl

… a coming of age story with songs and music. Then see Book of Emily (Part One)

… a comedy about trying to be normal. This see Expeditious Intent!

… a dark musical comedy with “alternate Facts”. Then see Hitler in the Green Room

… a solo show about finding one’s identity. Then see Homeful

… a dark comedy about living in crisis. Then see How Not To Die

… a nostalgic solo show about a road trip. Then see Keeping Up With the Jorgensons!

… a show about bi-polar mood disorder. Then see My First Miracle

… a multidisciplinary show about black identity. Then see Nigga-Roo

… a dark comedy with music about being raised by humans. Then see Not Until They’re Dead

… an absurdist comedy about womanhood, sexuality and more. Then see POONSTRUCK!

We’ll be adding more throughout the Fringe.

SF Fringe Link Collage

This is our visual way to find a show at SF Fringe Fringe. We’ll be adding to this visual feast throughout the Fringe. Simply click on an image that draws you in, then get booking…



We’ll be adding more throughout the Fringe.

Keyword Chaos

Another way to find a show at San Francisco Fringe. We’ve trawled the programme and our own knowledge base and selected the most intriguing phrases in programme line up. SO, choose the phrase that draws you in, click on the link and get booking. Use your intuition…

“disturbing anti-clowns shapeshift into sex slaves, orangutans, yoga moms, and more”

“No vagina is necessary to tap into the fold!”

“what happens when a woman with stunted growth and a free spirit go through the five stages of grief”

“the kinds of stories you used to hear sitting on back porches listening to crickets and smelling honeysuckle when the adults thought you were sleeping”

“It’s embarrassing and truthful and entertaining”

“explores themes of religion, addiction and social media obsession via satirical tales concerning a junkie Persephone, space-pup Laika, virtual reality fixation and humanity’s premiere popinjay, Cha-Cha the Caveman”

“about excessive energy and intermittent focus… dumbing down only to pop back up again”

“at such short notice, their only choice is a drunk, gay, Jewish cabaret singer”

We’ll be adding more throughout the Fringe.


All the news headlines from San Francisco Fringe


6 September 2017: Weekend Top 10: SF Fringe Festival is just the blast of raw relevance we need (Broadway World)

1 September 2017: NOT UNTIL THEY’RE DEAD: A Play about the Hell of Having Parents (Broadway World)

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27 August 2017: San Francisco Civil Rights Lawyer Performs at San Francisco Fringe Festival (Broadway World)

26 August: Photo Gallery of San Francisco Fringe – SNEAK PEEK Show (Jo Tomalin)

24 August 2017: HOW NOT TO DIE Opens at San Francisco Fringe on 9/10 (Broadway World)

23 August 2017: Get a FREE SNEAK PEEK at the 2017 San Francisco Fringe Festival 8pm Saturday August 26th at EXIT Theatre. CLICK HERE FOR FREE TICKETS.

22 August 2017: POONSTRUCK comes to the 2017 San Francisco Fringe Festival (Broadway World)

22 August 2017: Ultrasuede Productions presents A DAY AT THE BEACH at San Francisco Fringe Festival (Broadway World)

21 August 2017: KEEPING UP WITH THE JORGENSONS Comes to the 2017 San Francisco Fringe Festival (Broadway World)

17 August 2017: US Premiere of HOMEFUL at the 2017 San Francisco Fringe to Open 9/10 (Broadway World)

2 August 2017: AN AUDIENCE WITH SHURL to Play San Francisco Fringe Festival This September (Broadway World)

31 Jul 2017: HITLER IN THE GREEN ROOM Comes to San Francisco Fringe (Broadway World)

20 July 2017: San Francisco Fringe Festival Returns for its 26th Season This September  (Broadway World)


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