Review: N.Ormes

Enthralling emotive exchange of physical strength, equity and friendship. .

Review: LULU

Where's Lulu? Tricks and treats - A great combination of mime and acrobatics!

Review: Rêver

Clowning, mime, acrobatics, comedy and storytelling fuse seamlessly.

Review: Fruit Flies Like a Banana

No banana could fly as fast as these three virtuoso performers in this must see show as they combine virtuoso musicianship with acrobatics and dance

Review: Heroes

Intense story, excellent acrobatics, imaginative visuals.

Review: OD’D

Highly skilled and theatrical solo acrobatics with balls, silks and centrifugal force- a mesmerizing performance from Finland.

Review: The Sensemaker

An astonishing, disturbing shapeshifting sliver of genius.

Review: My Land

Breath taking circus skill and performance that tells a story whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat and with your heart in your mouth.

Review: Casting Off

Three generations of women 'Cast Off' all stereotypes of what they can, should and be able to do.

Review: Arr We There Yet?

A Madcap Mashup of Circus and Storytelling with a Little Tango for Extra Spice

Review: The Exploded Circus

A skilful and sensory mix of acrobatics, aerial feats and juggling, encapsulated in a story about finding order after chaos

Review: Fauna

A must see show for anyone fascinated by movement, music and the human body.

Review: Death City

Stunningly choreographed Korean dance where death lingers round every wrist flick.

Review: Leviathan

Acrobatic dance expressing an abstract version of a poignant story.

Review: Depart

Big, bold, beautiful, baffling.

Review: Children Are Stinky

Never mind the kids! Jaw-dropping circus trick tease that had the adults crying for more.

Review: Wolf Meat

Profoundly silly and farcically serious show with just the kind of anarchy that offers coke to audience members. Contains brief and ghastly nudity.

Review: Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors is a must see. An exquisitely conceived, ultra contemporary blend of circus and dance, it's a wake up call, an intensely radical act.

Review: Extravaganza

An absurd yet deliciously delectable action packed hour and ten minutes of clowning, acrobatics, physical theatre and slapping

Review: Flight

A simply staged but physically impressive piece of family friendly theatre adapted from The Little Prince

Review: B-Orders

Moving , impactful dance and circus skills - volatile and visceral!