Review: Aladdin

Unmissable fun - a winter winner from Emporium

Review: Flight

A simply staged but physically impressive piece of family friendly theatre adapted from The Little Prince

Review: puzzle

A fantastic under 3s show that really hits their spot

Review: The Overcoat

Joyous sense of play inspired by the very imaginative mind of little Jenny.

Review: Damsels In Success

Sisters are doin' it for themselves .. including the evil step ones, presumably ...

Review: Ferdinand

Provocative and moving - everyone should see this play!

Review: The Voice Thief

Book now for this dark and compelling fairytale!

Review: Defrosted

Zany, the kids loved every minute

Review: Puss in Boots

"a lovingy crafted, unashamedly panto-style children's show"

Review: The Mermaid’s Tale

Charming and gentle stories and poetry

Review: Aesop’s Fables

Ridiculously Fun Theatre For All Ages

Review: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, a new spin on an old tale.

Review: Gold Stars and Dragon Marks

Theatre in education performance that effectively tackles bullying

Review: Duck, Death and the Tulip

A children’s show every adult should take their inner child to.

Review: Puss in Boots

All the magic of a traditional tale, with a chance to get up and help

Review: Arabian Nights

An exceptional tale told in an exceptional manner for the kids

Review: Our Teacher is a Troll

A must see for anyone with an ounce of naughtiness in them!

Review: Play Dough

An unusual topic for a kid’s show, but pulled off with pizzazz

Review: The Bee Man of Orn

" told with vigour and intelligence that completely engages adults as well as children"

Review: Dinosaur Zoo

A funny and convincing experience of a prehistoric safari for all the family.

Review: The Adventure Machine

A fun and friendly tribute to the adventure books of old where the audience get to pick what the hero does next, for children 7 and up.

Review: Brush

" heart-warming"

Review: Merlin’s Dragon

An interactive children's show where children are invited to join in the search for clues, find hidden treasure, read runes, practice battle skills and weave magic spells, joining our brave heroes on their quest to restore balance to Old Earth.

Review: A Dash Through Dickens

An entertaining romp through the life and works of Charles Dickens

Review: Just So!

Six actors bring the 'Just So' stories to life.

Review: Thumbelina

"beautifully crafted piece of theatre "

Review: Swamp Juice

Brilliant shadow puppetry for kids and parents.

Review: The Luck Child

A delightful tale of an evil King, a wizard, three-headed dog/cat and of course Lucky, the Luck Child.

Review: Superhero Snail Boy

A lovely story for older children, funny and bittersweet with red capes and superhero friends, whose 'magic powers' turn out to be less about impressive stunts and more about the art of living.

Review: Sam Rose In The Shadows

A healing and uplifting piece of theatre, the best family show in the Fringe.

Review: The Golden Goose

Beautiful and gentle

Review: Bon Bon

A retake on the Red Riding Hood story that gets them up and dancing as well as keeping them entertained

Review: The Adventure

Packed with excitement.

Review: Titus


Review: I believe in Unicorns

This children’s show was a beautifully crafted and well thought out adaptation of Michael Morpugo’s book I Believe in Unicorns.

Review: Bubblewrap and Boxes

Charming, high octane, engaging children's show

Review: Once Upon A …

The best piece of children’s interactive theatre that I have ever experienced

Review: The Magician’s Daughter

An excellent piece of children’s theatre built on The Tempest

Review: Monsters Got Talent

Some people have a natural rapport with children, and Toby Mitchell is one of them.

Review: Superjohn

A well-created piece of educational theatre.

Review: The Golden Cowpat

This accomplished company tell a charming story

Review: Our Island

An island well worth landing on

Review: Drama Workshops for 5-12s

Engaging, fun and the kids come out smiling

Review: Mrs McMoon

Storytelling at its purest and most comforting

Review: Lapin Wants Ice Cream

Charming puppetry with a journey into French included

Review: Snow White

Often beautiful, brimming with ideas

Review: Hansel and Gretel

A magical feel, plenty of interactive fun

Review: Red Riding Hood

An engaging children’s show

Review: Isobel’s Tree

Charming and innovative in parts but still needs work.

Review: The Velveteen Rabbit

Moving, a tear came to my eye at the end.

Review: Snow White

Snow White Shown In A Fantastic New Light