Review: Blood Brothers

The blend of definitive and new cast members in a recent classic has overwhelming impact: as story, as lyric fable, as terrible moral for these distracted times.

Review: You Stupid Darkness!

Bleakly funny, with flickers of tragedy, to make you see how redemptive kindness is

Review: The Welkin

Already a contender for one of the best plays of 2020.

Review: Roots

An Edinburgh International Festival, HOME Manchester, Spoleto Festival USA & Theatre de la Ville Paris co-production

Review: Henry VI

The most effective condensation of the pith of the trilogy we’re likely to see.

Review: Three Sisters

This spectacular production beats with a fervour and purpose few adaptations achieve. Ellams has made Three Sisters new.

Review: Swive

A Hilliard rather than Holbein, it’s the velocity of Elizabeth’s survival that enthrals

Review: Great Expectations

A professionally-realized NVT production, consummate and brooding

Review: A Christmas Carol

The most original, potent and uplifting Christmas Carol I’ve ever seen

Review: Sussex Musicians Concert

Singers set a few benchmarks and piansit Kevin Allen in particular ferociously adventuring to fresh sonorities

Review: As You Like It

For Lucy Phelps and Sophie Khan Levy above all, this is a joyful As You Like It.

Review: With Memories

A wonderfully evocative dementia themed concert for local charity Memory Lane

Review: Blood Wedding

In several ways, this is about as good as it gets.

Review: What Girls Are Made Of

Cora Bissett’s set the bar thrillingly high for a new genre. Who could follow her?

Review: BBC Proms 69

An immensely satisfying traversal into darkness.

Review: Bartholomew Fair

If only one could see it twice: but try it at least once.

Review: BrOg

An excellent hour of traditional Scottish music

Review: The Doctor

A triumph for all concerned. Juliet Stevenson even gains in stature. Icke’s last production could hardly go better than this.

Review: As You Like It

A heartwarming revival. Jack Laskey, Bettrys Jones and Nadia Nadarajah have made a space for this As You Like It well beyond its initial moment last year.

Review: Swim

A dreamy piece of theatre combining storytelling, live music and visuals exploring grief, swimming and friendship.

Review: The Mill on the Floss

Stunning. This consummate, flawless production is an event for BLT and Brighton

Review: LIPS Ensemble

Consummate and pretty well flawless. Unique and uniquely lively in their field.

Review: Parakeet

A new play about finding your flock in a world that doesn't seem to care

Review: Frisky and Mannish: Poplab

An hour inside Frisky & Mannish’’s ‘Poplab’ is a complete crowd-pleasing riot. Feel-good vibes only!

Review: Birth

A pitch perfect piece of physical theatre, exploring themes of family connection, parenthood and loss.

Review: Fiver

An enchanting speed-read of our connectedness, a reminder that a fiver can change your life. Irresistible.

Review: Peter Gynt

In McArdle’s irresistible performance you’re not likely to see a finer Gynt.