Review: The Sewage

Two brothers, a lost goldfish, and a world of grotesque creatures ...

Review: LULU

Where's Lulu? Tricks and treats - A great combination of mime and acrobatics!

Review: Mimes

clowning, mime, comedy and the exploration of an existential crisis

Review: Rêver

Clowning, mime, acrobatics, comedy and storytelling fuse seamlessly.

Review: Bag Lady

This could develop into something special. Thoroughly recommended as an industrial-strength ice-breaker.

Review: Beep Boop

A one man mime and physical comedy theatre show with a live digital soundscape, exploring society’s uneasy obsession with online life and the curious delusional pull away from an actually lonely reality.

Review: Infinita

Bittersweet slapstick comedy about the cycle of life

Review: A Brave Face

Theatre where speechlessness translates from the stage and sweeps the audience

Review: A Brave Face

This is a piece for everyone over 10 and should be seen at all costs.

Review: Blindfold: The Night of the Hunt

Four actors led by writer/director Sofia Stavrakaki enact what’s clearly a prison of a circus, people forced to perform a ritual of trouping for the delectation of a whip-cracking elite. A summary hardly does justice to the atmosphere this production evokes or the meta-language burning through the glares of hallucinated prey. You’ll know whether it’s for you if you like Beckett or European theatre

Review: Sheets

"Word cannot recreate the beauty of this performance."

Review: Finding Joy

Bittersweet comedy about the relationship between a teenage boy and his grandmother who has dementia

Review: Brainchild

"impressive comedy. "

Review: The Kagools

Hilarity - to the macs ..

Review: The Overcoat

A part-mime adaptation Nikolai Gogol’s tale of aspiration, sacrifice and despair.

Review: Doctor Brown – Befrdfgth

A bold, hilarious performance and an absolute riot.

Review: How to Climb Mount Everest

"a delectable circus of puppetry, mime and high energy action performances"

Review: Criminy

Hilarious silent theatre that’s in a class of its own

Review: Continent

Great content from Continent