Review: Ellipsis

A mix of stand up and confessional which is funny and tragic in almost equal measure.

Review: Myra’s Story

One woman, many characters, several tragedies told with the earnestness of truth and the triumph of theatre.

Review: Tom Lehrer

Another sovereign tribute. Stefan Bednarczyk brings Tom Lehrer swaggering out of retirement.  

Review: The Sensemaker

An astonishing, disturbing shapeshifting sliver of genius.

Review: Typical

How British society stereotypes Black masculinity.

Review: A Kiss From Back Home

A solo performance that brings effectively to the stage the soulful disappointment of a lost relationship.

Review: Lady M

An inspired idea that struggles a little to deliver itself

Review: Being Posy

A solo performance which is written large in visible ink and all the more truthful for it.

Review: Good Girl

A solo piece that takes us through sexual awakening in a explorative and honest portrayal of waking up as a teenage woman from finding the itch, to seriously scratching it.

Review: Siege

An intriguing character monologue about being attractive in an ugly world.

Review: Moon Tales

A one-woman, thirteen-moon wonder

Review: The Drift

An impressive solo show about how integrated Scotland believes it is but shows us the reality of the length it needs to go, in order to achieve that aim.

Review: Grief is Horny

Spirited, imaginative, well performed and well crafted storytelling!

Review: AEON

This is what fringe is all about - expect the unexpected!

Review: The Sensemaker

A deeply affecting physical theatre piece that addresses our relationship with technology

Review: Boar

An exceptional solo show filled with comedy and fantasy

Review: Google Me

Eleanor Colville’s latest hour of character comedy and whacky humour.

Review: Sam Morrison: Hello, Daddy!

Accomplished and fruity comedy from a young gay comedian who’s already mastered stand up.

Review: Piano Play

Sublime playing combines with a surreal story

Review: 100% Cotton

Jake Thakeray meets Victoria Wood in an hour of delightfully risqué comedic songs.

Review: Before

Storytelling with songs and lot of character!

Review: Bleeding Black

Rugby is not a sport. It’s a religion, a way of life. Just ask any Kiwi.

Review: Myra

Uncomfortable confrontation with a murderess.

Review: Van Gogh Find Yourself #vgfy

A remarkable performance piece that captures the essence of a creative human who has a tremendous effect on us all, particularly this actor in front of us.

Review: My Mum’s a Twat

A one woman show, using her teenage voice to tell the story of being rejected by her Mum who chose a powerful cult over her family.

Review: Elizabethan

Bawdy ballads and badinage from a master of lute and linguistics

Review: Goddess

A fun comedy solo show telling the true story of the performer’s previous job as a receptionist at a Tantric Massage parlour, and how she got there.

Review: Little Rabbit

Susan's trapped in her house by rising flood water. But she's not allowed to leave the house or even be seen......

Review: Fake News

A Skilled and Impactful Piece of Storytelling Theatre

Review: Timandra Harkness: Take a Risk

Timandra Harkness is an intelligent and interesting performer, calmly steering us through a show exploring the concept of risk taking, that didn't need to work hard to keep our attention.

Review: Deer Woman

A rightfully angry production that gives voice to a story that needs to be more widely heard

Review: Umbrella Man

Start your Fringe day with a bang in the hands of a very talented poet and storyteller

Review: Best Girl

Sparse lyrical writing and a beautifully nuanced performance from a mother and daughter team

Review: Fox

A poignant and wry look at lonely new mum challenges in 2019 Britain

Review: TEACH

Compelling, meaningful, poignant, dynamic, entertaining, well-crafted and well-performed solo play

Review: Taboo

A chilling glimpse into the world of a little known but influential woman from the Nazi era.

Review: 2 for 1

Two one-woman shows: “that’s twice you’ll get to ask, ‘is she ok??’”

Review: Raised by Wolves

Daring Canadian becomes the leader of the pack to reach her Shangri La.

Review: Blackboxing

A hilarious solo show parody with a surprising amount of heart.

Review: Mr. Yunioshi

Taking the Mickey out of Rooney.

Review: (I’M)PERFEKT

How not to lose your hair when you have alopecia.

Review: Lord of the Lies

One Man's Journey to the Edge of the Flat Earth and Back.

Review: Mozzz!

A week in the life of an underground mosquito

Review: Woke

A solo evocation of a community struggle that alights the energy of the nights and the unbending desire for freedom.

Review: Turn the Night

An innovative solo performance framed in the context of a karaoke night where underlying tensions get exposed and examined.

Review: Damien

The story of he leper priest of Moloka'i and patron saint of outcasts.

Review: Marie

A solo piece of contemporary theatre that brings Mary Queen of Scots down to face her nemesis in a fantasy piece of comedic tragedy that is subtly dark and highly entertaining.

Review: Baby Face

An uncomfortable night facing uncomfortable truths with comfort coming when you have the decency to condemn the truly indecent

Review: The Immaculate Big Bang

Entertaining, poignant, animated and humorous show with relatable topics!

Review: Enough

A violent attack on the social norms which drive self-harm in its many and varied forms.

Review: Nomad

So heart-rending you just want to hug the performer afterwards.

Review: KillyMuck

A brilliant and brutal portrayal of the inequity and generational desperation of the Benefits Class

Review: Weird

Amy Rose Doyle delights in this obsessively Weird one woman show

Review: Gie’s Peace

Inspiring Stories of Courageous Women - An Exploration of War Through Storytelling and Music

Review: Grace Notes

Thoughtful and compelling storytelling

Review: Harpy

One for fans of Su Pollard, a National Treasure’ in her first fringe solo show.

Review: Zugunruhe

Beautiful, provocative, well performed show!

Review: Next Time

A powerful new drama which bears witness to the devastating effects of domestic violence without sensationalising them.