Review: Colleen Lavin: Do The Robots Think I’m Funny

“ Murderbot is going to asses my performance,” says Lavin at the top of the show, “And then you’re going to decide if you care.” At least in this case, the robot did find Colleen Lavin to be very funny. I have to say I agree.

Review: Furious

Daly is the Pied Piper of Edinburgh – Enchanting, witty, interactive and relatable. A one woman show that pokes fun at satirical characters from her past!

Review: With all Jew respect

"a host that left me wanting to follow him out of the theatre into the bar to continue the not always kosher conversation."

Review: Ellipsis

A mix of stand up and confessional which is funny and tragic in almost equal measure.

Review: Moveable Feast

It’s time for Planes, Trains and Automob-meals

Review: Shaggers

An adult take on sex and relationships

Review: Jew… ish

One of the wittiest but also truthful comedies about love, identity, sexual politics and gefilte fish I’ve seen

Review: Douglas

Hannah Gadsby's hilarious new show, named after her dog!

Review: Shattered

A mid life crisis with a dad bod that manages to come close to offensive but makes you laugh on the way there.

Review: Jessica Fostekew: Hench

Hench means; Strong, Fit and having well-developed muscles. That describes this show, perfectly.

Review: Beef

From sympathetic to pathetic, Jim Campbell takes us down the meandering and hilarious paths of his mind

Review: Better Man

Work in progress from this sharp observer of the triumph and tragedy of falling in and out of relationships

Review: Still No Idea

Laughter’s the best start to killing ignorance. See it.

Review: My Preferred Pronoun is We

Fascinating well crafted show with depth and humor – topical, very well performed, poignant + impactful!

Review: Meno Pause

A one woman’s personal exploration through the Menopause

Review: Danny Lobell: Fat Chance

A hilarious personal “run” round why size matters in a stand up show that doesn’t slim down on the comedy.

Review: Clara Saves America

Stand up show late at night that amuses without depending upon the need to cater to late night appetites.

Review: The Incurable Optimist

Vicar of Dibley writer takes centre stage reflecting on a life in comedy and developing Parkinsons

Review: Devil May Care

A new character comedy piece from this Darling of Latitude

Review: Tits in Space

A show with a wise sweetness at its core; a brightness to cast the growing shadows out there.

Review: Amanda Palmer

A cabaret style evening of piano and ukulele driven songs and stand-up comedy

Review: No Oddjob

Nothing Odd About This Fine Job

Review: Lefty Scum

A funny trio of leftie performers delights Brighton

Review: Kosher Bacon

Tapas from the kosher kitchen

Review: Blocked

It’s as if Billie Piper’s Yerma does stand-up. Caroline Byrne’s Blocked reveals a writer whose images stamp a scream-out-loud theatre drawn into an arc of devastation. Curnick inhabits a performer’s meltdown from a technique and emotional agency as strong as… a recording black box. Why? Find out. Superb theatre.