Gothenburg Fringe: Our highlights

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“The Gothenburg Fringe Festival is an explosion of creativity. Join us at unique and unexpected venues across the city for uncensored, cutting-edge performance art which stimulates, educates and entertains. Since it began in 2016, we have strived to make Fringe in Gothenburg more than a single event, in which we provide the people of Gothenburg with a festival experience like no other, but to bring you brilliant performance art on a regular basis. With performances and events of all shapes and sizes, there’s a show out there for you – this is art for everyone!”

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Our Highlights and Recommendations

VOLOZ COLLECTIVE bring theatre piece The Life Sporadic of Jess Wildgoose. We reviewed their previous piece at Edfringe 2023. “The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much” and rated it a Must See show, so this show is an easy recommendation. This hour long show is billed as “Martin Scorsese meets Wes Anderson meets Pixar in this nail-biting comic thriller.” Here’s the lowdown: “Jess Wildgoose fights to make her name on Wall Street, but her dreams seem unreachable in this dizzying world of ambition, illusion, and high-risk equity trading – until an Earth-shattering discovery threatens to turn her world upside-down.”

Our comedy choice is Funkdindaface. This performer, Kizza, was a hit at Brighton Fringe 2023. “Get set for a frantic funny rollercoaster ride from the award-winning comedy magician KIZZA. Absurdly chaotic magical disasters, incredibly stupid mindreading routines and big big laughs guaranteed.”

Music from Latvia is our music choice. It promises to be one of the most unique shows at the Fringe. “Waterflower (real name Sabīne Moore) is an eco-futurist artist and music producer from Latvia. Using plants and mushrooms as both instruments and MIDI generators, they create a unique blend of avant-pop, hyperpop, and digital hardcore that speaks to the urgent need to protect and preserve our natural world. In addition to their raw and powerful music, Waterflower’s live shows feature synced video animations, creating a truly immersive and multi-sensory experience.”

Our spoken word/multimedia choice is an award-winner. “The MthR Trilogy is an epic sci-fi adventure of interwoven stories told from a panoply of coalescing and conflicting standpoints. It explores notions of shifting power, loyalty, language, and love as people & cyborgs navigate personal and professional relationships in a singular slice of time.” “Sophie McKeand is an award-winning poet from north Wales and former Young People’s Laureate Wales. Her poetry, prose, and performances weave together language & sound in order to explore humanity’s connections with technology and our interspecies ecosystem. These improvised performances include spoken extracts from The MthR Trilogy novels interwoven with field recordings, vocal loops, and occasional riffs with musicians.”

Our family show, an Edfringe favorite is The Bubble Show. In the skilled hands of the Highland Joker, “The Bubble Show is a unique blend of magic, storytelling, science and bubble art! Enjoy bouncy bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles, and even fire bubbles!

Other highlights include Headspace, a dance piece about psychosis/schizophrenia.

For another Edfringe hit, this time spoken word/rap, book for Slice of Rhyme.

.For something experimental in movement and music, take a look at Älska Ödet. “The work takes its starting point from Joel Heirås’ need to deal with Parkinson’s disease as performative language. By examining its communicative possibilities, a playful attitude towards serious illness is adopted. The question that is asked is how Parkinson’s as a movement-based and rhythmic phenomenon can be poeticized through movement-based performing arts and music.”

The Power of Pointlessness is a free clown workshop from Gaulier trasined Oliver Weatherly. “Come on down and let the wild things loose with teacher turned clown, Oli Weatherly. Together we will welcome in the mischief maker that lives within us all, and explore the potent power of pointlessness. Learn to let go of your plans, trust your instincts, bend the rules and enjoy the ride. It may take you to unexpected places.”

Rembody “is a solo act by artist and musician Silas Lilo Jensen (they/them). They collect and re-sculpt sounds found in places such as the gender identity clinic and the psychiatric ward. Instruments such as guitar, synthesizers, trumpets and harmonica are set in playful arrangements and dressed in drag. With their gender nonconforming singing voice REMBODY shares stories of queer and trans life and struggles.”

For a fully improvised comedy show, get along to The Ever After in which “where one of your favourite fairy tales is dismembered, scrambled, and put back together in a version that has never been told before and will never be told again.” For more improv, Chaotic breaking – Improv Workshop is a “fun and fast workshop where you learn how to react truthfully as your character but also as yourself. Ideal if you have tried improv theatre in some way before. Suitable for ages 18 and up. Bring clothes to move freely in.”

PREVIEW – Sun Bear

Sun Bear is a one woman dark comedy exploring the world of emotional abuse. Told through a mix of spoken word poetry and theatre, we follow Katy, a late twenties marketing associate, finally hitting the peak of the internal breakdown that has been brewing for months. After a break up that no one in the office dares ask about and having cut off all ties to any remaining lifeboat, Katy is drowning. But what sent her on this downward spiral? And is there anyone left that can stop her from the impending crash landing?

According to Sarah Richardson: “Sun Bear was developed in Gothenburg earlier this year when I was selected by the European Festival Fund and Gothenburg Fringe to take part in a month-long artist’s residency there. Having created the show in Gothenburg and worked with the local artistic community I am really excited to bring the premiere of Sun Bear back to the city and would love to connect with you to share the piece.”

About Sun Bear

Katy is sinking. In her sunshiny office. In her thunder cloud attitude. In images of him. She swims straight for rock bottom, tearing her office apart. But what’s at the heart of this destructive spiral? And can anyone stop her before she goes too far?Sun Bear is a one woman, dark comedy that follows Katy, a late twenties marketing associate, finally hitting the peak of the internal breakdown that has been brewing for months.

Set in a sickly sweet office, Katy is the rain cloud in a sea of sunshiny personalities. Yet she brings anything but rainbows. After a break up that no one dares ask about and having cut off all ties to any remaining lifeboat, she is drowning. Under the pressure of it all. Under the panic that refuses to give. Under the images of him that she just can’t shake. Switching between the present day and flashbacks, more and more is revealed about the truth of Katy and her ex’s relationship. The truth of the torment and emotional torture she endured. The truth of who really knew what was going on and who turned a blind eye.

Booking and info here.

Thats’s it for now. Check back for more highlights during the Fringe.