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1st – 30th July 2017

Welcome to our coverage of Guildford Fringe Festival. We’ll be updating this page soon.

“Guildford Fringe is a open access multi-arts festival in the heart of Guildford Town Centre which runs for the month of July every year.”

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This was our 2016 coverage…

I want to see… at Guildford Fringe


We see a lot of Fringe around the world. We keep our ears to the ground. So here is our intuitive show-finding tool for Guildford Fringe Festival.

I want to see… 

… some cabaret and burlesque. Then see Hundred Watt Club – Burlesque & Cabaret

… some sublime craziness. Then see Katie Pritchard: Even The Little Ones

…  an intimate show where beautiful women read naked. Then see Naked Girls Reading

… some improv comedy. Then see Left Foot First: Don’t Keep Your Feet on the Ground!

… a show about  the last 10 years of new musical theatre and the greats that inspired the shows. Then see The Last 10 Years

… some comedy about retail. Then see Aidan Goatley: Joys of Retail

… an acclaimed show about Jack the Ripper. Then see Jack The Ripper: Facts, No Fiction

… some live performance poetry. Then see Static – A Life Spent Going Nowhere

… an hour of rude, funny songs. Then see The Dirty Carols present ‘More Filth, Vicar?’

… some Comedy in Chinese for people who don’t speak any Chinese at all (Highly rated by FringeReview). Then see Louise Reay – Que Sera, 些拉

… something historical and musical. Then see The Ladies in Red: We’ll Meet Again

… a brand new stand-up comedy show from an acclaimed comedian. Then see Abi Roberts: Anglichanka (Russian for English Woman!)

… some kooky comedy theatre. Then see The Boy on the Swing by Joe Harbot

… a delicious, dazzling, hilarious musical comedy celebrating the power of chocolate. Then see Amanda Waring: For the Love of Chocolate

… some interactive theatre. Then see Mystery at Frankenstein Castle

… a new stand up comedy show about differences. Then see Joy Carter: Spot the Difference

… some magic with a Victorian difference. Then see Talking to the Dead

… some A Cappella. Then see Academix A Cappella

… a torrent of seriously silly jokes in an absurd story of being brought up in one of the remotest villages in England. Then see Glenn Moore: Glengarry Glen Glenn

… a great comedy improviser. Then see Ben Van der Velde: Barbarians

… something for children. Then see The Adventures Of The Gingerbread Man

… an outstanding show about Laurel and Hardy. Then see Hats Off to Laurel & Hardy

… an award-winning docu-comedian. Then see Juliette Burton: Decision Time (preview)

… a new surrealist stand-up show. Then see Elf Lyons: Pelican Preview

… a night of comedians. Then see Guildford Gag House Comedy

Link Collage

This is a more visual way to find a show at Guildford Fringe. Simply click on an image that draws you in, and then get booking!

We’ll be growing the collage throughout July.

Supermega Schwarzenegger  Ukejam at Sam Beare Charity Event. Mercedes Benz World, Brooklands, 7 June 2015

Masquerade G Live  walk of shame     Opia


Keyword Chaos

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.02.59

This is a very popular little show-finding tool. We’ve trawled the descriptions of shows and press releases and pulled out the most interesting phrases and keywords to help you find a show at Guildford Fringe. Simply click on a phrase and find the show…

“a reality television show where men can pick and choose who they would like to be partnered off with, creating a premium race”

“shiny costumes, sweets, parodies and original songs on her Ukulele called George”

“her various exploits whilst surviving the Russian winters on hardcore vodka”

” a sultry, sunny Sunday afternoon of magical melody.”

“He’ll tell you just the facts, with some unexpected laughs thrown in”

“when a bizarre business card seems to offer answers, he’s going to grab them”

“the age old fear of turning into your mother”

“the songs we love, the ones that make us happy, even the songs that makes us sad or nostalgic”

We’ll be adding more in July.