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29th June – 29th July 2018

Now over for 2018. Details for 2019 coming soon. Our 2018 coverage is below.

Welcome to our coverage of Guildford Fringe Festival. We’ll be updating this page soon.

“Guildford Fringe Festival is one of the youngest Fringe Festivals in the world but with one of the biggest hearts! Guildford Fringe is a open access multi-arts festival in the heart of Guildford Town Centre which runs for the month of July every year. In this historic and beautiful town Guildford Fringe Festival invites all artistic genres to get involved, it is literally open to everyone.”

“We are becoming know for edgy, exciting and diverse events that are shown at a number of venues in Guildford Town Centre which range from theatre, burlesque, comedy, kids events, music, dance, exhibitions, talks, workshops and cabarets!”

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I want to see… at Guildford Fringe


We see a lot of Fringe around the world.

We keep our ears to the ground. So here is our intuitive show-finding tool for Guildford Fringe Festival.

I want to see… 

… some new stand-up comedy. Then see Robyn Perkins: 10,000 Decisions 

… some Alan Bennett. Then see Talking Heads: Her Big Chance and A Lady of Letters

… some free comedy. Then see Masud Milas: Masud Abides

… some spoken word, a fusion of spoken word, satire and improvised audience participation. Then see Dapper Rapper: Freedom of Expresso

… a showcase of  the best in alternative cabaret. Then see Laurie Black’s Bad Luck Cabaret

… some intelligent comedy exploring the power of kindness. Then see Juliette Burton: Butterfly Effect

… so,e live music – a showcase of some of the world’s finest male voices from the West End, Broadway, International Tour and Hollywood movie of the world’s longest running musical – Les Misèrables. Then see The Barricade Boys

… a drama about secrets and lies, the people we become when consumed with guilt and the lengths we’ll go to for retribution. Then see The Fire Stack

…a burlesque show. Then see The Risquettes: For Your Viewing Pleasure

… a radio comedy, performed live. Then see The Gin Chronicles in New York

… a a wild and imaginative retelling of the ancient Greek tragedy. Then see Medea Electronica

… some comedy variety – a roller coaster ride of improvisation, sleight of hand, stories, dreadful impressions and massive belly laughs. Then see The Secret Life of Danny Buckler

… a children’s show, with performance, puppets – and plenty of audience participation. Then see Puss in Boots

… a show about Kenneth Williams. Then see Cult Figure: Kenneth Williams

.. a fast-moving character comedy show. Then see Julie Jepson: Randomonium

… a new musical. Then see Perfectly Ordinary: A New Musical

… a solo show with Gyles Brandreth. Then see Gyles Brandreth: Break a Leg!

a comedy magic show, a hit at Brighton Fringe. Then see Griffin and Jones: Homemade Miracles

… a fast-paced hour-long romp through Shakespeare’s Richard III. Then see The Travesty of Richard III

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to the Fringe.

Link Collage

This is a more visual way to find a show at Guildford Fringe.

Simply click on an image that draws you in, and then get booking…



We’ll be growing the collage throughout July.

Keyword Chaos

This is a very popular little show-finding tool.

We’ve trawled the descriptions of shows and press releases and pulled out the most interesting phrases and keywords to help you find a show at Guildford Fringe.

Simply click on a phrase and find the show…

During a record-breaking heatwave, a stranger enters a bar. When he tells the barman he needs to forget someone and a woman arrives for a blind date that never shows, none of them realise the events that will unfold.

Will you face your fears and join them as they peer into the great beyond and ask the question, “Is anybody there?” 

Love, loyalty, betrayal, tragedy, hatred and adulation.

A sleeper service on a cold night. Rumours of a Neon Yak stalking hapless circus performers in the dark, dark woods

You can be assured of an emotional roller coaster, as the words and characters of Dickens are brought to life on the stage before your very eyes. Be warned!

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to the Fringe.