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Jane Postlethwaite against an orange wall A picture of a woman with reflection A woman stroking a man's hair, who looks unimpressed An arrangement of gothic creatures

Welcome to this  “new writing festival, showcasing the best in Brighton & Hove’s creative community.”

Welcome to FringeReview’s dedicated (Brighton &)Hove Grown page.

Packed with variety and plenty of new writing and creative experimentation, there’s much worth seeing at this exciting event.

Q: What is (Brighton &) Hove Grown?

A: A festival of new writing exclusively for Brighton & Hove writers and performers.

Tickets are on sale now.

We’ll be adding more recommendations, previews, interviews in the run up to, and during  (Brighton &)Hove Grown

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Robert Cohen has several critically acclaimed solo theatre shows “in the bag”.

His new workshop “Holding Your Own – A Solo Show Workshop” takes place during (Brighton &) Hove Grown 2018 at the Rialto Theatre in Brighton, UK. Robert talks to Paul Levy from FringeReview about the process of making solo theatre work.

More Audio Interviews





(Photo Credit: Guy Wah)


(Press play to listen or right click on the player with your mouse to save the audio file)

Paul Levy talks to Sam Chittenden about Metamorphosis

Paul Levy talks to David Spillman about The Anterbury Tales

Roger Kay talks to Michelle Allen about Cast Iron A Pro of Nothing

Paul Levy talks to Rebekka Turner about Rice Tits

Paul Levy talks to Patrick Bland about The Three Ha’s: Don’t Give Up The Day Job!

Paul Levy in Conversation with James from sketch comedy troup The Biscuit Barrel about The Biscuit Barrel

Paul Levy talks to Julia Knight about I Am Not Victorial Wood



I want to see… at (Brighton &) Hove Grown

A picture of a woman

Here’s our unique guide to help you find a show to see at (Brighton &) Hove Grown.

We’ve pulled out the popular, the weird and the eclectic. So, scan down and get booking!

I want to see…

… a surreal offering of traditional storytelling and puppetry for adults and the older children. Then see The Mermaid, The Lamp, and The Siamese Twins

… a mind reader. Then see Mind Reader- David Terrence

… some solo comedy. Then see Purpose (The Vicar’s Husband)

… some sketch comedy. Then see Banana Split

… something themed on Harold Pinter. Then see Improvisations in the Style of Pinter

… some comedy improv. Then see Don’t Give Up the Day Job!

… a “new quickfire sketch show, accompanied by an armada of biscuits.” Then see The Biscuit Barrel

… a show with a feisty sense of humour. Then see Antling

… a morning show for the whole family. Then see The Magic Sewing Machine

… a tribute to a tribute to Victoria Wood. Then see I am not Victoria Wood

… “products, tunes, philosophies, and possible disappointing nudity.” Then see Ten Percent

… some stand-up comedy with a sharp edge. Then see Rice Tits

… and experience how to create a solo show Then take part in Holding Your Own – a solo show workshop

… a new stand-up show from the Star of Radio 4’s Dyslexicon. Then see Dessert Warrior

…  new writing at its finest, mixing local actors and directors to produce powerful theatre.. Then see Cast Iron: A Pro of Nothing

… a short,  autobiographical, insider’s look at mental illness. Then see Maria

… a play tackling the issues of coming out as gay from two different perspectives. Then see Finding Yourself Offside

… some work-in-progress new writing. Then see Tiptree: No One Else’s Damn Secret But My Own

… a comedy duo -=  an hour of bickering, sketches and the most audacious bit of mansplaining you’ll ever see. Then see Holt and Talbot – Mansplaining Feminism

… a new version of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Then see The Anterbury Tales

… a charming (half an hour or so) tale of smitten highway robbers in the eighteenth century. Then see Highway Love

… a multi-award-winning comedy performer bringing a show where you are drawn into various worlds to meet the characters who live there. Then see Jane Postlethwaite is Character Building

Link Collage

A new way to explore (Brighton &) Hove Grown. Enjoy our essential links to navigate the Fringe…

Simply click on an image to reveal details of a recommended show.

Follow your artistic instincts…

An illustrated head that morphs into "10%" A football on grass with a rainbow in the background A dark room with a chair in a spotlight, and eyes on the back wall

A coloured lantern  A picture of a young boy sitting down An arrangement of gothic creatures

An upside-down wine glass Daniel Lambert sitting in a chair A paper mache duck

A picture of a woman with reflection A woman in a swimming pool, wearing goggles and a swim hat A man eating from a plate in a desert

Jane Postlethwaite against an orange wall A group of people in a pyramid formation A roller coaster with the word "Turbo" above it

Two men, one upside down, with buscuits floating around between them Two ice creams in cones holding hands A woman holding a bottle of wine and an oversized wine glass


Keyword Chaos

An arrangement of gothic creatures

Another intuitive way to find a show at (Brighton &) Hove Grown.

We’ve trawled the programme and our own knowledge base and selected the most intriguing phrases in programme line up.

So, choose the phrase that draws you in, click on the link and get booking.

Use your intuition…

“Q. What happens when you move a 12-year-old from Basingstoke to Zambia? A. She swims.”

“Two people in a locked room with one chair. One doctor, one patient – or are they? And who is who? “

“exploring what the leading minds though made you fat, with a hint of exploding corpses in the tale.”

“What happens when a forty something single woman rediscovers her childhood crush on Adam Ant?”

“A mentally ill man has been forced to attend a job interview, only to find that his would be employers are seriously deranged…”

“A liberation from pissed off boredom and an awakening of sexual fantasies. Sometimes fierce, sometimes sad but all encased with a feisty sense of humour.”

“In these rich colourful, gender-fluid times, spare a thought for the Vanilla Community who are trapped in a world of blandness and beige.”

“Aidan was divinely happy as an apathetic atheist until his wife started training as a vicar. With his best friend finding her path, Aidan questions his purpose while dealing with audio bibles, professional jealousy and the purgatory of cruise ships.”

“Expect lots of pauses, arguments over insignificant details, and (pause) dark humour.”

“…tales of Ghosts, Monsters, the Devil and more”

“What happens when your secret’s out, but it’s only the signature that’s changed?”

“A mentally ill man has been forced to attend a job interview, only to find that his would be employers are seriously deranged…”

“A dancer, musician, storyteller and five puppeteers lead children and their families through this interactive performance. Discover how a mysterious sewing machine saves two children, their friends and pet cat from an orphanage and the clutches of the mean Miss Snap.”


(Brighton &) Hove Grown is underway for 2018!

Here are a few images from the Launch Party at the Dukebox Theatre.




























Here we put shows onto your radar as they reach our in-tray


The Session – Two people in a locked room with one chair. One doctor, one patient – or are they? And who is who?

A dark room with a chair in a spotlight, and eyes on the back wall

Part thriller, part humour: they try to unravel what’s going on. Each tries to gain the upper hand through banter and even bickering, as if they are married. Sometimes witty; sometimes poignant; always surprising.

Twilight Theatre brought the critically acclaimed and sold out show “Waiting for Curry” by award winning Brighton based
playwright Susanne Crosby to Hove Grown Festival in 2017.

Show details and booking here


Finding Yourself Offside

This is a play tackling the issues of coming out as gay from two different perspectives.

There are two guys in separate therapy, they do not know each other but both have very different issues with being open about their sexuality.

One of them is a professional footballer, so coming out for him proves to be a whole different ball game. Tickets £8 (£7 concessions) on sale now.

Find out more about this work-in-progress piece of new writing here.

Brand new play Finding Yourself Offside is on for 2 nights, 26th Mar and 1st Apr at The Rialto Theatre.

26th March 20187:00 pm
1st April 20186:00 pm
The Rialto Theatre

Tickets from £ 7.00


David Terrence- Mind Reader offers a “unique live comedy mind reading show to hit the Rialto Theatre in Brighton.”

High energy onehour mind reading show packed with loads of comical moments, mind reader and stand up comedian David Terrence fuses the two arts together, and presents his audience with his amazing comedy mind show for adults.

Performing professionally abroad and also in the UK for the past 10 years, David is now expanding his repertoire, and brings his solo mind reading show once again to Brighton and Hove.

Audience members will be selected, and their thoughts revealed live on stage. Despite there being a comical element to the show, David will not embarrass or pick on any audience members and everyone will have the opportunity to participate in some way during the show, either during the interactive mind warm up section, or in the psychic mind control demonstrations.

David said, “I am really excited to be performing in my local town and bringing some of my best and also newest mind bending routines to the Brighton and Hove audiences.”

David Terrence Mind Reader show will be on for 2 nights during the Hove Grown Festival at the Rialto Theatre in Brighton.
Tickets available at www.hovegrown.org.uk

What’s the theme of your show?

Mind reading show with loads of comedy bits. No dark mysterious moments, just high energy, interactive and funny mind reading routines.

How did the show come into being?

I was a little frustrated with a majority of peoples perception of a mind reader. However I totally understand how people would think that a mind reading show would be serious, dark and somewhat boring. I have seen performances that could put a group of insomniacs in to a deep heavy snooze. I spent two years doing as much stand up comedy as I could to try and incorporate as much humour into my performances. However I still wanted to keep the wow factor and keep the mind reading as strong as possible. Hopefully this can be seen in my show.

Describe one of your rehearsals.

I was always led to believe that the best practice is performance. So a typical rehearsal would be scripting a routine, trying it on my rabbit in the living room. Then a little later to my partner when she is back from work. Once it is a set piece then I would work it in at any one of the open mic and new material nights available in Brighton.

How have you experimented?

All the routines for my Hove Grown show are brand new. Other than an occasional open mic night, this will be the first time I will be performing them in a set show. Working in one new routines is daunting enough. But 5 or 6 is an experiment to me!

Where do your ideas come from?

I usually take an old proven magic and mind reading trick and then give it a make over to be relevant for today’s audiences. For example in my new show I take a colour prediction trick and turn it in to a personality test and talk about social media. I know it sounds boring on paper but in performance it pretty entertaining.

David, how do your challenge yourself? what got you into mind-reading?
I am traditionally a magician, however I feel that with my mind reading routines they can relate to the audience more than an annoying card trick. I also love the fact that it is the last form of believable magic, however when I usually get pinned to the wall at the end of the show and ask how I knew their secret information I am straight with them and tell them its just entertainment. I never make out I am a serious mind reader, my goal is to entertain them. Unlike other mind readers I couldn’t care whether they believe I read mind’s or not, as long as they have had a good night.

What are your future plans for the show ?

Most of the routines will make it through to my Brighton Fringe show in May.

What are your favourite shows, and why?

I tend to not watch many mind reading shows for reasons mentioned previously. However I love a good comedy magic show and also love immersive theatre shows. I loved Trainspotting from last years Brighton Fringe.

Show dates, times and booking info:
David Terrence – Mind Reader
25th March 7.30 pm & 1st April 7.30pm
Performed and produced by David Terrence
Rialto Theatre Brighton
11 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 3FE
Adult full price £8 (£7 conc)
Tickets available from www.hovegrown.org.uk

Book here
Company web site: http://www.davidterrence.com


Meet some of the largest characters of the pre-Victorian Age – Fat People in History by Simon Topping

Daniel Lambert sitting in a chair

Fat is not a modern phenomenon. Well before current societal obsessions with our BMI score and fad dieting, with the world seemingly gripped in an obesity “epidemic”, fatness existed, it has always been with us.

Simon Topping promises to “take you on a journey from medieval Europe through to the 18th Century exploring written cases of the ‘well upholstered’; from royalty and clergy down to the common citizen. Expect tall tales, shocking facts, and exploding corpses.”

First presented to great acclaim at David Bramwell’s (The Haunted Moustache, Number 9 Bus to Utopia, Museum of Curiosities and Radio 3 and 4 regular) infamous Catalyst Club as a twenty-minute vignette, the full hour-long show promises to be bigger, weightier, and a fascinating glimpse into the world of the morality, as well as physicality, of being out-sized in the past, juxtaposed with the orator’s take on his personal issues with his very own heft.

Fat People in History will be at Sweet@The Welly on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th March, 8pm (1hr), with tickets priced at £7.

Company Website: www.simonpetertopping.com
Company Twitter: @simonptopping

Book here

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We’ll be adding more recommendations, previews, interviews in the run up to, and during  (Brighton &)Hove Grown