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Biographical Fringe

Here are our recommendations for biography shows at the Fringe. We’ll be adding to this list as the Fringe draws nearer.

A lot of work at the Fringe tells the story of the famous, the infamous, the influential and the inspiring figures of history – alive and no longer with us. Some play the characters and offer biography and acted autobiography. We’ll be adding some recommendations here as the Fringe progresses.

Our recommendations are a moving feast so check back to see new ones as reviews come in.

Adam Smith: The Invisible Hand is the story of one of the most influential people in world history and the “father” of modern economics and our capitalist society. This historical drama offers us “a dramatic representation of the life of Adam Smith, supported by Kirkcaldy 4 All. His friends, his enemies and the person who shaped his life, his mother, Margaret Smith. The play demonstrates how Adam Smith has been interpreted through the ages and why he’s still relevant now. Four actors portray Adam Smith, David Hume, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Robert Burns and Margaret Smith. The Scottish Enlightenment and the impact of the French Revolution form the background to the emergence of Adam Smith’s two great books, The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments.”

“With a statue of Alice unveiled earlier this centenary year and her very own suffragette memorabilia currently on loan to the UK Parliament as a star feature in the summer Voice and Vote exhibition, her great-grandson Peter Barratt gives a stirring and passionate account of Alice’s suffrage campaign over a 100 years ago. A shoe machinist by trade, lifelong socialist and mother of six Alice formed her local suffragette branch with the help and support of the Pankhurst family. Sister suffragette, Ruth Pownall, adds theatre to an unmissable spoken word show in this special year.”

Find out more by going to see Alice Hawkins – Suffragette

The moments before that famous speech are portrayed in Chamberlain… Peace in Our Time.

“Returning for just five performances due to popular demand. The play is set in Downing Street during the dramatic hour leading up to Chamberlain’s declaration of war. Popular WWII songs of the day are cleverly interspersed throughout.”

You can read our review of this show from 2017 here. – “This is top quality fringe theatre examining and presenting a key hour in our modern history. Highly recommended.” Paul Levy, FringeReview

We’ll be adding more recommendations for biographical Fringe in the run up to, and during the Fringe.