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Buxton Festival Fringe


4th – 22nd July 2918

Buxton has a big Fringe this year, loaded with theatre, comedy, a lot of terrific music, spoken word and an impressive amount of local and youth arts making.

We are always happy to recommend shows we’ve seen elsewhere and work we value.We’ll be updating this page as soon as the Buxton Fringe porgramme is live.


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Guest Blog: Nigel Osner shares his Unexpected Hazards at Buxton Fringe

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Our Recommended Shows at Buxton Fringe 2018

We’ll be updating this page as soon as the Buxton Fringe porgramme is live.

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

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Paul Vickers, Mr.Twonkey, talks about Twonkey’s Night Train to Liechtenstein

What’s the theme of your show?

A tale of Inherited Wealth and Murder

When I was a young boy I sent a letter to Prince Charles asking if could take it upon him to visit smaller countries like San Marino, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. I felt it was important not to neglect them due to size. I have family in Liechtenstein they would love to meet the future kings. I got a letter back from the prince saying he had just been on a skiing holiday in Liechtenstein with the boys. In fact they pinned the letter on the notice board at school. I was bullied to tears. People reacted by trying to kill me. Pretty soon the letter was vandalized and destroyed by thugs. I feel its time for me to go to Liechtenstein. I need to pick up the money left for me by my auntie in her will, what could go wrong? Let me tell you about my late rich eccentric Auntie.

“It’s a hard world for little things”
(Lillian Gish in Night of the Hunter.)

This year Mr.Twonkey is going to make you cry in his first ever four-handkerchief show. Join him in his new fancy adventure featuring a tiny Al Capone, a mysterious package and a sexual dance that leads us off a cliff. We travel to the belly button of Europe to unlock a safety deposit box. Why is Mr. Trombone so sad and what’s it like to work as a gigolo?

How did the show come into being?

A dashing Yorkshire man (I.E Me) returned home from a holiday in Chicago and out of one the books on his shelf they rolled a Tiny Al Capone.

“They couldn’t kill me; I’ve been hiding there all along Tiny Al Capone, Tiny Al Capone”.

Until one day he slipped into a Babyfoot Table and was kicked into a light fitting and fried Tiny Al Capone,Tiny Al Capone.

That was the first seed of an idea.

Describe one of your rehearsals.

I sit with my puppets and sing to them.
Sometimes people come look at me and cheer me along.
Sometimes I drink tea and look out the window and think.
Sometimes I sit in the dark and cry.

How is the show developing?

It’s my best show …Please come! send Philip Hutchinson (he’s Wonderful).
Lynn Ruth Miller never comes….she’s all hot air but I still love her….but she is a tease.

How has the writer been involved?

I am the writer.

How have you experimented?

Bloody hell…..Yes I have…..always…ALWAYS.

Where do your ideas come from?


How do your challenge yourself or yourselves?

It’s challenging writing a new show every year but I love it…..and i’m getting good at it now.

What are your favourite shows, and why?

Maid Of Cabbage was great last year.

Lucy Pearman mixed Catherine Cookson with Father Ted with ease.

Show dates, times and booking info:

Brighton Fringe 2018 The Caroline of Brunswick 2018:
11th and 12th of May 19:30 hours.
Prague Fringe at the Museum of Alchemists 2018:
25th,26th and 27th of May 19:45 hours.
London The Bill Murray Comedy Club 2018:
14th of June 18:45 hours.
Buxton Fringe at The Old Clubhouse 2018:
13th July, 19:00 hours and 14th July, 22:00 hours.
Edinburgh Fringe 2018 Heroes at Dragonfly:
3rd to the 26th of August (apart from the 8th and the 22nd) 18:00 hours.

Company web site: http://twonkey.blogspot.co.uk

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

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We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

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We’ll be updating this page as soon as the Buxton Fringe porgramme is live.

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.


News Wire

All the headlines from Buxton Fringe…


29 June: Buxton’s historic Pump Room to host World Fringe Day celebrations
(Buxton Advertiser)

24 June: Supergroup to air Celtic gypsy music at Buxton Fringe (Buxton Advertiser)

15 June: New pop-up theatre for Buxton Festival Fringe (Buxton Advertiser)

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