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30th July -26th August 2017

Over now until 2018. Our August 2017 coverage is below.

Welcome to FringeReview’s Camden Festival Fringe coverage. Fringe 2017 is now over. Below you can find our 2017 recommendations and other coverage.

Camden Fringe is really THE London Fringe. It always feels like a young Fringe, brimming with new work, experimentation, but with a back-bone of shows making a return, on their route to and from tours and other Fringes. It is packed this year with watchable fringe. So watch Camden come alive and join in this August.

We are building this page right now.

Over coverage will be growing from now until the end of the Fringe and is designed, in different ways, to help you navigate your way through the many shows on offer.

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I Want to See … at Camden Fringe

Dark Side of the Mime

Here is our quirky but highly useful show-finding tool…

I want to see…

… some sketch and character comedy. Then see The Theory of Chaos

… an audacious physical clown show. Then see Dark Side of the Mime

… some short plays. Then see The Human Mating Dance & other short plays

… some short solo theatre. Then see Sophie

… some new musical theatre. Then see Jane Austen’s Persuasion: A New Musical Drama

… a play about birdwatching. Then see Twitchers

… some spoken word. Then see Sparky TKO: Mansplaining

… a new children’s musical. Then see Cockadoodlemoo!

… some manic sketch comedy. Then see Scribbling Ape Presents: The Meat Within

… some theatre exploring the myth of Medusa. Then see Fourth Monkey’s Women of Greece: Medusa

… some physical ensemble theatre. Then see Skin Deep

… a ‘fearless and bold new piece of work’, inspired by Bram Stoker’s short story, The Burial of the Rats. Then see The Burial of the Rats

… a one-woman show about identity and the ideas that define ourselves as part of a culture, a clan. Then see The Journey of a Body

… the story of a secret love affair, in a monastery, between a high-ranking beauty and a lowly scholar. Then see Xi Xiang Ji (Romance of the West Chamber)

… a selection of the best Jewish stand up comics in the UK. Then Jew-O-Rama

… some circus – an unashamedly joyful mix of astonishing stunts and enchanted adventure for children. Then see Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams

… some sketch comedy. Then see Monkey Wedding: Ape Expectations

… a theatrical comedy exploring anxiety, obsession and the social expectations of femininity. Then see Unprescribed

… a LGBT show that “embraces popular arts forms within queer club culture by using a stylistic blend of vogue and drag with an experimental contemporary language”. Then see Gone Off

… a brand new song cycle that everyone can relate to – a theatrical version of life. Then see Making Waves: A Song Cycle

… some mime. Then see MIMES (Most Imbecilic Mime Ensemble Show)

… a Christopher Marlowe Play. Then see Edward II by Christopher Marlowe

… some character comedy for a fiver. Then see Arfie Becomes Everyone

… some cabaret. Then see Burlesque in Underland

… a contemporary ballet with original music, based on a modern adaptation of two beloved German stories: Faust and Little Red Riding Hood. Then see Hood

… some improv comedy. Then see The Parentheticals – Improdyssey

… … four comics over fifty meditate and muse on life, death, love and medication. Then see Three Men and a Babe

… some improvised theatre of the absurd. Then see A Machine for Fools

… a showcase of multiple physical and naturalistic plays. Then see Blue Print

… some character comedy. Then see Arfie Becomes Everyone

ADITL 'A Day In The Life'


Link Collage

Here’s another way to choose a show at Camden Fringe. Use your instincts and click on an image that draws you and you can reveal the show behind the image. Then get booking…

Leave. To Remain (An Aristophanic Brexit Tale) Free Solo: A New Musical Macbeth360 The Human Mating Dance & other short plays

Seven  SplinterThe Boot

Making Waves: A Song Cycle  Skin Deep 

Flood  In Search of Myself The Amount of Us Sirena

Hood Sophie  Edward II by Christopher Marlowe Moments

Re: Production FEET The Mosquito and The Bear Cotton

The Bad Arm - Confessions of a Dodgy Irish Dancer Waiting Room Greenery

Flood Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Do Shakespeare Motherlogues Titus Andronicus

More to come – we’ll be adding to this collage throughout Camden Fringe, and during the run up to it. Watch it grow and find a show…

EPostcards from Camden Fringe

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Book here for Roberts and Holt: The Horse Show.

Keyword Chaos

Between a Man and a Woman

We’ve selected evocative phrases from the Camden Fringe. Click on the ones that intrigue you and you might just find the show you need to see…

behind closed doors, not all is what it seems

Having confirmed he is neither the devil nor going to die any time soon, Gregory Akerman turns his attentions to Angels.”

The connection between body and mind is something we all experience but what happens when we disrupt these connections?

Two homeless women meet and their identities unfold in a dreamlike journey to reflect the female dilemma featuring role reversals and breakdowns

Until their chance meeting on a night bus causes them to spiral into a world of love, pain and (mis)communication

a series of motivational workshops featuring other obnoxious guest speakers who all claim they have the secret to success

Medusa is a monster who lives in a cave with only her sisters for company. Why are they there?

Imagine all you hold dear. Family, friends, your hopes and dreams, your liberty. Now imagine it all ripped away in an instant.”

But Ludendorff finds it’s never a good idea to interrupt your enemy’s bath time.

All aboard the craziest 40 night cruise with the Bible’s first couples’ therapist.

Pandora carries a jar everywhere she goes believing she will not open it. Zeus looks down from above knowing that she will. Pandora lays the original myth bare for interrogation exploring themes of temptation, misogyny and femininity.

Its themes of feminism and the futility of war are as relevant today as they were over two thousand years ago.



Kirsty Langley from The Juice Factory talks about The Existence Formula

The Existence Formula


What’s the theme of your show?

Existentialism. Inspired by a mid-life crisis colliding head on with the trauma of loss and the inevitable soul searching undertaken to overcome it, the show asks its audience “Are you happy with how your life is going?”

How did the show come into being?

“It’s a play about making something happen rather than waiting for something to happen and reflects the genesis of the company itself. We met, serendipitously, at a point when we were all contemplating
our life choices and concluded that we “could do better”.

You can remain dissatisfied or make a change. We made that change and formed the Juice Factory.” Sarah Rickman, Founding Company Member / Writer / Performer.

How is the show developing?

How has the writer been involved?: Sarah collaborated on the piece from its conception with fellow Juice Factory Company members Kirsty Langley & Tom Hamilton. Together we discussed the themes of the play and through devising and improvisation exercises found interesting little creative nuggets that Sarah turned into magic.

What are your future plans for the show ?

After the Camden Fringe we have a week’s run at The Tristan Bates Theatre from 19th September.

Show dates, times and booking info:

Sunday 13th August 9pm
Monday 14th August 9pm
Tuesday 15th August 9pm
Wednesday 16th August 9pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Book here


The London Improv Theatre present In Search of Myself

In Search of Myself

A new play, written and direcoted by Benedetta Basile

Produced by Rebecca Dilg

About the show

Jim and Eve are happy, career and love life all figured out. When Eve has her second manic episode, she is going so high she thinks she can talk to ghosts, just to be hospitalised and crash into the depth of despair. Now they have to deal with all that happened, what they did, what they said, and the issues they buried just to cling to an ordinary future.

About the writer/director

In Search of Myself is written and directed by Benedetta Basile, an experienced short film director and producer who has a penchant for meaningful stories that will make people talk. Mental Health is a theme close to her heart, and she is interested in the definitions of madness and normality, and the way we deal with them in our everyday lives. She previously worked on several short films. One of these projects, Ouijia Sex, has been nominated for several awards at short film festivals.

More about the show

The misconception, stigmas, and taboos around mental health are a barrier to proper diagnosis and treatment. The play wants to raise awareness and promote a conversation that is based on actual research and solid scientific knowledge.

The production will play at The London Improv Theatre for 5 performances from 25th August until 29th August 2017.

The perfomers

Jo Hartland will play the role of Eve. Jo trained at Mountview and since graduating has worked in TV, film and theatre – including productions with BBC’s Holby City, Berlinale Film Festival, Royal Court and Southwark Playhouse. A co-Artistic Director of Prowl Theatre Company, she’s currently developing and devising a new piece of theatre for 2018.

Nathaniel Fairnington will play the role of Jim. After graduating from University of Manchester, Nathaniel has worked in film and theatre. His theatre credits include Character Solos (Tristan Bates), SQUIRM (Theatre 503 & Edinburgh Fringe), Modern Romance (Southwark Playhouse), The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Gut Girls, No Blacks No Dogs No Irish. Film Credits include Todd Sloane and Adieu Marx.

Show details and booking

104a Finchley Road, West Hampstead, London, NW3 5JJ

25th – 29th August 2017, 7pm

Tickets cost £7/£5 (concessions) and are available here

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SearchMyselfLDN

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com//SearchMyselfLDN

Website: https://insearchofmyselflondon.wordpress.com/


Joe Wright, Writer and Performer, talks about Astronaut


What’s the theme of your show?

The theme of Astronaut is homelessness

What’s new or unique about the show?

The project itself is a multimedia theatre piece.Created from true events and delivered mostly in spoken word.

How did the show come into being?

In 2016 homelessness in Ireland reached record breaking figures and a group of grass root activists occupied the Apollo House on Tara Street in Dublin.There aim was to house the homeless and get them of the streets.As the building was a NAMA owned building (Meaning if you payed taxes technically you have slight ownership ) .This made for conflicting arguments between the public and the government. The writer of Astronaut Joe Wright places the agenda of tackling and ending Homelessness as a Hugh priority and This “Apollo” Movement really ignited a response

Describe one of your rehearsals.

The piece has a lot of different flows and temperaments so the main focus for the first few has been delivery .The words come thick and fast and when the energy builds certain flows become shadowed temperaments. The projection has not been used yet in rehearsal.

How is the show developing?

Really well actually , When the script was first created it seemed like the redrafting was never ending .Everyday something new comes along .The finale pieces of film will be filmed in Dublin next month

How has the writer been involved?

The writer is also performing in the show , Writer Joe Wright and Director Emily Matthews have worked together for the few years and both amplify each others strengths .Emily brings her direction along with her devising skills which keep the script on its toes

How have you experimented?

The piece originally started out as an intermedial piece but both Emily and Joe felt the show was better served as a Multimedia piece . Raw footage of dublin streets and the writer himself spent some time living on the streets and plans to do so leading up to the shows

Where do your ideas come from?

Every day events. Music. A fall from the sky

How do your challenge yourself or yourselves?

Well constantly working on different projects and different styles .Last year Joe and Emily created stage productions ,site responsive Pieces, Site Specific Pieces, Immersive promenades ,Live Art Pieces and Intermedial Pieces.

What are your future plans for the show ?

The future is bright –  after Camden we look to take it to Dublin as it is coming to the one year anniversary of the Movement we believe a charitable Production will be produceded

What are your favourite shows, and why? Lion King – Never forget to play. Art is fun.

The Curious Incident – The entire production between Sound stage and performance is captivating

Love + (Mallaprop Theatre Company) A two hander which never stops moving .The energy is fantastic

Show dates, times and booking info: 16th to the 18th of August at 7pm

Company web site: http://www.1nehundred.com

Book here


Black Beauty in Irons at the Etcetera Theatre

Black Beauty in Irons

Being human is so boring. But what happens when you want to be a different species altogether? An upbeat, accessible insight into the animal role-play subculture, Black Beauty in Irons is a kinky romantic drama about living with near-impossible desires.

Aidan loves animal role-play: pretending to be a pony is her biggest thrill. But Aidan seek more than the acceptance of other role-players. She wants to come out publicly – whatever the consequences.

This provocative new production from Second Self shows animal role-play as it really is, featuring gags, bondage, cart racing and kink play. The first UK show to put the animal role-play identity centre-stage, Black Beauty in Irons addresses issues with pride, consent and coming out faced by anyone living an alternative lifestyle.

“Our show matters because there are people everywhere who can’t be open about their identities. We think that’s unfair and it’s time for change. Our work is about repairing damage caused by cultural misrepresentation and giving everyone a chance to speak about their lives freely and fairly.”

Show details

Etcetera Theatre, above the Oxford Arms, 265 Camden High Street, London NW1 7BU
7th and 8th August 2017. 16.30pm and 18.30pm both days.
Tickets: £10 / £9.00 concessions
Ticket booking: 020 7482 4857 or online at www.camdenfringe.com
Recommended age limit: 17+

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