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30th July -26th August 2018

Camden Fringe 2018 is now over. You can still see our 2018 coverage below. We will announce the dates for 2019 as soon as we have them.

Welcome to FringeReview’s Camden Festival Fringe coverage.

Camden Fringe is really THE London Fringe. It always feels like a young Fringe, brimming with new work, experimentation, but with a back-bone of shows making a return, on their route to and from tours and other Fringes. It is packed this year with watchable fringe. So watch Camden come alive and join in this August.

We are building this page right now.

Over coverage will be growing from now until the end of the Fringe and is designed, in different ways, to help you navigate your way through the many shows on offer.

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View the main venue programmes

The Bill Murray

Camden Comedy Club

Camden People’s Theatre

Canal Cafe Theatre

Cockpit Theatre

Etcetera Theatre

Hen and Chickens

Lion and Unicorn

The London Improv Theatre

The Monkey House

Tristan Bates Theatre

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

(Check out other venues on the main Camden Fringe web site)

I Want to See … at Camden Fringe

How To Win At Break Up

Here is our quirky but highly useful show-finding tool…

I want to see…

…  clowning, mime, dance and a pinch of puppetry. Then see Nathan and Ida’s Hot Dog Stand

… a devised, verbatim comedy. Then see How to Win at BreakUp

… a series of short dramatic & comedic plays. Then see The New Irish Playbook: Joe O’Neill

… a one Man Comedy Western show. Then see Gun

.. a brand new solo drama. Then see Secondhand Stories

… a family-friendly show, a fairy tale. Then see Sleeping Beauty?

… a play that questions how far loyalty extends in a cold microcosm of the patriarchy. Then see Into the Deep

… some improv comedy. Then see The Parentheticals: Improdyssey

… a piece of theatre about love, death, and monsters. Then see Bardo

… a play set during WWII. Then see The German Girls

Link Collage

Here’s another way to choose a show at Camden Fringe. Use your instincts and click on an image that draws you and you can reveal the show behind the image. Then get booking…

More to come – we’ll be adding to this collage throughout Camden Fringe, and during the run up to it.

Watch it grow and find a show…

Coercive Open Roads Bamboo Mustard eläin

Hummingbird Timeless Momentary Insight Your Molotov Kisses

Oubliette Lydia Hirst: I'll Be Your Dog Tokyo Fugue  A Bench At The Edge

Zoe Six of One On Mother's Day Seeds of Change

Time For Tea PowerPlay NEON Into the Deep


We’ll be updating our link collage in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Keyword Chaos

The Humour Condition

We’ve selected evocative phrases from the Camden Fringe.

Click on the ones that intrigue you and you might just find the show you need to see…

Seven chairs. Seven individuals. It’s dark and cold. How do they know each other? Where are they? And how did they get there?

an entity of primal energy dressed in bamboo cane trousers, a conker-collar and a grass mask

Her vivid imagination collides with childhood memories in an explosion of human experience.

Follow six lives as they interweave on their own journeys to understand what it means to be human and how they use humour to forge relationships.

When Arbuckle finds himself centre stage for all the wrong reasons, his life begins to unravel. Will the truth be allowed to speak, or will the flashes of the cameras blind justice to the truth of Arbuckle’s plea?

One day three children vanish without a trace. As the years go by, their stories distort and are retold, before warping again; becoming fairy tales, snippets of courtroom statement, ghost stories and fragments of misremembered memory. For those left behind, immersed in a sea of speculation and half-truths, is it possible to piece together the past?

a brutal portrait of hedonism, promiscuity, betrayal and the most tragic illness of all: being young. 

From The Boer War to The Summer of Love, Flo Smith, mother, widow and grandmother, recalls with horror and humour, tears and joy, the turbulent times at home and in the world beyond her front door.

What is it like to be obsessed with a 15 hours long cycle of late Romantic operas sung in German?

An alternative comedy biopic very loosely based on a real life hot dog stand.

Tom cannot give up hope – willing to go anywhere and to any lengths in finding her. After all, he sees things and people, that others cannot – all the time.

“To others she was a fraud. Sycorax’s show explores both narratives and offers no clear answers.”

“Dug up, he now must endlessly repeat the events that led to his inevitably gruesome death. Both helmets and hard hats combine”

“They’ve got the whole world ahead of them – and that’s part of the problem.”

We’ll be updating our keyword chaos in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Camden Fringe Newswire




Welcome to the FringeReview Newswire, the breaking news at Camden Fringe, in one easily accessible place.

Simply click on a headline to be taken to that news story. (Stories are hosted on other publications)

24 July – Camden Fringe festival 2018: The best shows to see (Evening Standard)

More previews and interviews are on the way. Read them here.