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31st July -27 August 2017

Welcome to FringeReview’s Camden Festival Fringe coverage.

Camden Fringe is really THE London Fringe. It always feels like a young Fringe, brimming with new work, experimentation, but with a back-bone of shows making a return, on their route to and from tours and other Fringes. It is packed this year with watchable fringe. So watch Camden come alive and join in this August.

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Over coverage will be growing from now until the end of the Fringe and is designed, in different ways, to help you navigate your way through the many shows on offer.

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Our Top Ten Recommended Shows

These are our top ten recommended shows based on our review and preview team’s choices. We keep our ear to the ground and also have seen some of the companies elsewhere.

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I Want to See … at Camden Fringe

Dark Side of the Mime

Here is our quirky but highly useful show-finding tool…

I want to see…

… some sketch and character comedy. Then see The Theory of Chaos

… an audacious physical clown show. Then see Dark Side of the Mime

… some short plays. Then see The Human Mating Dance & other short plays

… some short solo theatre. Then see Sophie

… some manic sketch comedy. Then see Scribbling Ape Presents: The Meat Within

… some theatre exploring the myth of Medusa. Then see Fourth Monkey’s Women of Greece: Medusa

… some sketch comedy. Then see Monkey Wedding: Ape Expectations

… a Christopher Marlowe Play. Then see Edward II by Christopher Marlowe

… some improvised theatre of the absurd. Then see A Machine for Fools

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Link Collage


Here’s another way to choose a show at Camden Fringe. Use your instincts and click on an image that draws you and you can reveal the show behind the image. Then get booking…

Leave. To Remain (An Aristophanic Brexit Tale) Free Solo: A New Musical Macbeth360 The Human Mating Dance & other short plays

Seven  SplinterThe Boot

Flood  In Search of Myself The Amount of Us Sirena

Hood Sophie  Edward II by Christopher Marlowe Moments

More to come


Keyword Chaos

Between a Man and a Woman

We’ve selected evocative phrases from the Camden Fringe. Click on the ones that intrigue you and you might just find the show you need to see…

behind closed doors, not all is what it seems

Having confirmed he is neither the devil nor going to die any time soon, Gregory Akerman turns his attentions to Angels.”

Two homeless women meet and their identities unfold in a dreamlike journey to reflect the female dilemma featuring role reversals and breakdowns

More to come


Black Beauty in Irons at the Etcetera Theatre

Black Beauty in Irons

Being human is so boring. But what happens when you want to be a different species altogether? An upbeat, accessible insight into the animal role-play subculture, Black Beauty in Irons is a kinky romantic drama about living with near-impossible desires.

Aidan loves animal role-play: pretending to be a pony is her biggest thrill. But Aidan seek more than the acceptance of other role-players. She wants to come out publicly – whatever the consequences.

This provocative new production from Second Self shows animal role-play as it really is, featuring gags, bondage, cart racing and kink play. The first UK show to put the animal role-play identity centre-stage, Black Beauty in Irons addresses issues with pride, consent and coming out faced by anyone living an alternative lifestyle.

“Our show matters because there are people everywhere who can’t be open about their identities. We think that’s unfair and it’s time for change. Our work is about repairing damage caused by cultural misrepresentation and giving everyone a chance to speak about their lives freely and fairly.”

Show details

Etcetera Theatre, above the Oxford Arms, 265 Camden High Street, London NW1 7BU
7th and 8th August 2017. 16.30pm and 18.30pm both days.
Tickets: £10 / £9.00 concessions
Ticket booking: 020 7482 4857 or online at www.camdenfringe.com
Recommended age limit: 17+

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