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Guest Editorial: Bring Me The Worst Edinburgh Fringe Show Ever So I Can Celebrate!

Our Guest editorial from 2018 will be from Zack and Viggo.

Watch this space.

We hope to be reviewing a few of their shows at the Fringe this year…  Zack and Zucker, Ziggo and Vucker, Zucker and Zucker, Zuck and Zucker, Zack alone, Zack sans Zuck, Neither Zack nor Zucker, Zack and Pepeter, The Zack Twins, The Zucker Sisters, Zack Zucker and Viggo Mortenson, The Zacrobats, Zack: Life Without Zucker, Kaffee without Zucker, Waiting for Vigot, Viggo and Zack – the Brexit Show, and War and Peace, the Clown Show.

Zach Zucker writes:  It’s 5.54am and we’ve just missed our flight at Luton Airport by 4 minutes, officially making this the third year in a row we’ve had issues traveling to Berlin. Some would say we should’ve learned our lesson in 2016 when EasyJet overbooked the flight and Viggo was forced to come to Edinburgh a day late with zero compensation.

Others would say 2017 would’ve done it when we showed up at Berlin-Schoenefeld at 6am only to find out EasyJet booked in a flight that was never going to take off (they’re required by law to have a certain amount of time off between flights for the crew and they scheduled it knowing they’d cancel), forcing us to uber from one airport to the other, spend £1000 on same-day flights to Edinburgh (which started the following day), catch a connecting flight in Brussels that we almost missed, and waste about £700 on previously booked flights and train tickets.

_DSC3861 Zach & Viggo_.jpg

Oh and we never got our money back for those flights either. But when you’re a group of international, nomadic clowns that live on the road, you don’t really have a choice of what flights you’re going to take if your only search term is CHEAPEST FLIGHTS. Not only that, but when you’ve got a show that needs to be tested in front of an audience because you’re bringing seven shows to the fringe and you KNOW you won’t find what you’re looking for until you do it onstage, you gotta take what you can get.

I hate the notion that art is suffering or art is pain because that’s a pornographic view point of someone’s actual trauma. That’s not theatre – it becomes a vulgar form of therapy and it has no place onstage. But if you want to be an artist, you have to be willing to take huge risks and make big sacrifices that might not pay off. And the fringe is certainly the biggest baddest wolf of them all. So why do we keep coming back? Because the fringe is undeniably the hub of the best international art. Because our best friends and favourite people from all over the world are all in one place for a month.

Because you get to perform 24 days in a row. Because you get to survive off a diet of crisps and lucazade. Because you get to meet the most beautiful humans and fuck like beasts. Because you Because you get to show your art to the toughest audience you’ll ever encounter. Because everyone and everything inspires you. Because you get to climb Arthur’s Seat at 5am with a bag of weed, a bottle of whisky and shout from the fuckin mountaintops because you earned it. But really it’s because one day we’re gonna sell all of our stories to a big Hollywood producer and make millions off self-exploitation.

Zack Zucher: Human Person plays at this year’s Fringe.

There may be more to come. So it goes.

2017 Archive









Our guest editorial from 2017 of Edinburgh Fringe came from Fringe legend, Podcaster, writer, mover and shaker, Ewan Spence.

Stars, stars, stars…

There comes a point in August when Fringe journalists get the ‘thousand star stare’. When we all walk around in a daze checking to see if it is sunset to sunrise, wondering when our next meal is, and if we’ll ever see our families again. This year that point is at 3.05pm on Saturday 5th August.

After that point we can only communicate through show titles and a single question… ‘have you seen anything decent?’

I’ve made a vow. I’m not asking that question this year. Instead I have decided that the Fringe deserves a better question.

“What’s the worst show you’ve seen?”


The Heroic Fringe Journey

Putting on a Fringe show is hard. It’s really hard. Nobody deliberately decides to bring something rubbish to Edinburgh. It’s too expensive in terms of financial budgets, time, and mental resources. Edinburgh is a marathon and without belief you cannot finish it.

There may be circumstances that contribute to the media thinking that they are sitting in a Simpson-esque “Worst. Show. Ever’ but that’s the joy of the Fringe! Everyone fights their own unique circumstances. We are all resilient, and the creativity on stage has taken sparks of idea and created something unique. Who am I to dismiss the resulting bonfire out of hand?

I have a vague memory of a Fringe show in 2005 called “…And My Cat.” I’m honestly not sure if it is a genuine show, a one-off sketch that my brain has embellished, or just a personal ‘Mandella Effect’ (and I’m not looking for an answer, don’t spoil this moment Copstick).

The show was a one-man show, with a narrator going through a normal humdrum day where nothing special happened. But at the end of every line of the story, he would pause… look into the audience… and say the words “…and my cat.”

Worst show that year? Undoubtedly. One that has remained lodged in my brain? Undoubtedly. One that the performer utterly believed in? Undoubtedly.

Which is why this year I’m going to luxuriate in those who miss the mark in new and novel ways. Those that are convinced they have hit the bullseye when they needed double-top. Those who walk out on stage every night and can imagine the show selling out at the Fringe, transferring to the West End, reaching off-Broadway, and beyond. Those who believe that this is their moment and it’s utterly perfect.

I’m coming to find you.


I have a dream…

Here’s my dream. At the end of the Fringe, through the power of group-think, we the media always agree on the best shows. Why can’t we all agree on the worst show? Why can’t we honour that show and decide as a group to celebrate the human spirit? Let’s find the show that put in all the work to get to Edinburgh, that took a dream and gave it form, that took a chance and threw caution to the wind. Let’s find that show.

And then let’s make sure we sell it out on the last day of the Fringe and say thank you to them on behalf of everyone who has made our Fringe a glorious melting pot where everyone does their best. No matter what the critics think.

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