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Edinburgh Fringe Keyword Chaos

Words, words, words …

Over now until 2018. Our August 2017 coverage is below.

We experimented with this show-finding tool at Edinburgh Fringe a few years and got some positive feedback.

The FringeReview team are collecting together short phrases from shows’ listings in the Fringe programme or their press releases.

All the shows below are recommended as worth seeing by FringeReview but not based on reviews and PR – simply based on some intuition from the words, words, words… so bw warned but also be inspired.

All you have to go on is the phrase that leapt out at us. Which ones leap out at you? Scroll over the phrase and follow the link to reveal the show and, perhaps, follow that gut instinct and book a ticket…

Keyword Chaos

We’ve trailed the fringe programme, previews and press releases and are pulling out phrases and sentences that intrigue, inspire and interest us. We link that to the performers’ track records of work. So, use your intuition and click on a phrase that piques your own curiousity and perhaps you’ll find a show you want to see…

How it works: Click on a phrase to find a recommended show…

One wants to tell a story, like Scheherazade, in order not to die. It’s one of the oldest urges of mankind. It’s a way of stalling death

Niko ends up in prison and Lily won’t stop baking cakes.

Grandma is the undisputed drugs queen; Detective Dawn Taylor will go to any lengths to bring the dirty-dealing family to justice.

Baba’s brain consists of roughly 90 billion neurons with trillions of connections, and none of them has any clue that he exists. And yet those cells come together to produce a steady stream of ill rhymes, laughs, and mind-blowing scientific findings.

Come and go as you please to witness the desperation, negotiation, devastation and emotional blackmail.

Perplexed and burning with curiosity, he now finds himself with no choice but to revisit family history, asking questions of his father he never would have dared to ask before. Do the shop’s grease-stained walls hold the answers?

Four years later, it was all gone. The dream lay in ruins, with John DeLorean arrested for cocaine trafficking on a staggering scale.”

A mysterious child, left alone in the Forest of the Winter Moon, embarks upon a journey of self-discovery. In the Land of Somewhere Else she encounters lost and forgotten folk wandering through a fragmented and fragile faerie tale realm in search of home.

Outside over the reef, the Frogman hovers, looking for traces of a missing child. As police search lights refract through the ocean, the annual coral bloom is due, creating an underwater snowstorm. Time is running out.






A melodrama of yolks, shells and funerals.”

It’s supposedly a fresh start, but a series of shocking events lead John to make some ill-judged decisions… including murder.”

a world of farcical stereotypes and preposterous power struggles, wrestling with gender, identity and social convention. An outlandish and wildly entertaining medley of absurd political speeches, talent contests and box ticking.

In a last-ditch attempt to fix their relationship, they book a commercial time-travel holiday. Spanning from Ancient Rome to an Elvis Concert in Hawaii, this is an honest and dark romantic-comedy about wrestling with the past and working on the future.

explores what it means to be successful in a world where medals matter.

will take you on a journey through the trials and tribulations of love, with all the heartbreak but none of the Grammys.”

He’s chasing his dreams and has almost caught up with them

1974. Irish bombs. Crowded English pubs. Many dead. The terrifying true story of Paul Hill and the Guildford Four.

Erich and Ada are separated by one of history’s most famous man-made divisions: the Berlin Wall. They both live in times of great global and personal shifts that throw their futures into disillusionment. But the times that Erich and Ada live in are not the same. When Erich journeys to the other side, he not only crosses an ideological line, but a temporal one as well, travelling 25 years in to the past. Stuck in between space and time, Erich and Ada’s relationship becomes a bittersweet take on star-crossed lovers.

a world where bodies are painted, tucked, tightened and taught, where shadows are embarrassing and silhouettes become stencils.

More added each day. Take your chances!

And we are crowd-sourcing these shows too, tapping into the intuition of the Edfringe community.

So tweet us your phrases and the link @fringereview #keywordchaos

We’ll be adding more throughout the Fringe period so do visit this page again.