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Edinburgh Fringe Keyword Chaos

Words, words, words …

We experimented with this show-finding tool at Edinburgh Fringe a few years and got some positive feedback.

The FringeReview team are collecting together short phrases from shows’ listings in the Fringe programme or their press releases.

All the shows below are recommended as worth seeing by FringeReview but not based on reviews and PR – simply based on some intuition from the words, words, words… so bw warned but also be inspired.

All you have to go on is the phrase that leapt out at us. Which ones leap out at you? Scroll over the phrase and follow the link to reveal the show and, perhaps, follow that gut instinct and book a ticket

Here are the early ones for 2018…

“Imagine if Bette Midler and Liberace had a love child…”

“They’ve come from the future to test the limits of masculinity and decency.”

“Fatherhood. A fatal canoe accident. ‘Who are we now, we don’t have kids? A couple come face-to-face with the powerlessness of parenthood.”

“potato, potato, potato, potato, potato, potato, potato, potato, potato, potato, potato… you racist.”

“Survivors on a desert island, siblings in their mother’s attic, magicians preparing a new show.”

“whether you want to stomp in the swamp or ooze to the Cajun muse”

“An ex-SNP politico, a bible-wielding American mom and JK Rowling walk into a… race to stop Milosz, Eurovision-winner and high-profile gay fascist.”

“An oppressive way of life dominates. Two men are alone. Intimate. They are ambushed. There’s a struggle. One escapes. The other is taken away, interrogated, imprisoned and punished. They refuse to be separated and fight to be together. Fight to be free. To love. To Prevail”

“Then, the night before his 12th birthday, disaster strikes.”

“an hour of magic, music and elephants.”

“A group of Edinburgh residents, carers and health professionals are invited to audition for a new play which examines their experiences of seeking and providing care in the NHS.”

“Today, Eva has the gig of all gigs, and James has to stop her, because this time all the jokes are about him”

We are crowd-sourcing these shows too, tapping into the intuition of the Edfringe community.

So tweet us your phrases and the link @fringereview #keywordchaos

We’ll be adding more throughout the Fringe period so do visit this page again.