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Reading Fringe Festival

25th – 29th July 2018

Welcome to our coverage of Reading Fringe Festival.

Reading Festival Fringe is now over for 2017. Below was our coverage.

We are happy to be covering this Fringe and suggesting shows to see that we’ve enjoyed elsewhere, as well as home grown work. We wish the Fringe good luck.

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Our Recommended Shows at Reading Fringe 2017


Writer Bird

“Writer Bird takes us on a journey down the writing rabbit hole. A writer and his unruly character construct stories of kings and queens and aunts and owls and coffins and jam jars”

Nick Hall: Spencer

Fruit Salad

“When SESKA comes to town kids laugh out loud, Dads f*rt out loud and mums faint at his feet!This show contains magic, mayhem and happiness”


I want to see… at Reading Fringe

Here’s our unique guide to help you find a show to see at Reading Fringe. We’ve pulled out the popular, the weird and the eclectic. So, scan down and get booking!

I want to see…

… a debut comedy show from English Comedian of the Year 2016. Then see A Boy Named Pugh

… some dance. Then see The Ben J Riepe Kompanie

… a children’s show told through spoken word, origami, illustration and audience participation. Then see Aspen Astronomer: The Endangered Witch

… autism awareness, light hearted comedy, music and motivational speaking. Then see How Can People With Autism Help You?

… some German and Caribbean classical and contemporary music. Then see Arturo Castro

… a show with Music. Comedy. Impressions. Improv. Then see If The Boot Fits…

… a play about weddings. Then see Cold Feet

… a family friendly bubble show. Then see Bubbly Bubbles!

… a late morning show. Then see Holly Web in Conversation

… some cabaret and circus. Then see Gala show, Cirque du Cabaret

… a family friendly hour of live poetry. Then see A Magnificent Beard

… some award-winning family friendly edutainment. Then see Bubbly Maths

… a burlesque show. Then see The Scarlet Vixens present…. Cabariatease: Burlesque with a dash of cabaret and variety!

… some Sherlock Holmes. Then see The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

… five short plays in a caravan. Then see An Intermediate’s Guide to Misinformation

… some immersive theatre. Then see A Doll’s House

… Electro Wave Cabaret from Berlin. Then see Still on Earth ?!

… Stand-up and poetry based on anecdotes from the woebegone world of a recovering children’s party entertainer. Then see You Having Olaf?

… a musical and visual experience. Then see Emil Schult

… some live comedy. Then see D’Arcehole

… some Behavioural science, character comedy & storytelling. Then see Maria Peters: The Science of Cringe

… an evening of alternative performance and cabaret. Then see Lipstuck

… some opera with a pop twist. Then see Linda Hergaten

… some acclaimed local theatre about writing. Then see Writer Bird

… a comedy magic show. Then see Laughs with Tricks

… some magic and mentalism. Then see Caspar Thomas: More Magic & Mentalism

We’ll be adding more to this list regularly. Check back!

Link Collage

A new way to explore Reading Fringe – our essential links to navigate the Fringe… Simply click on an image to reveal details of a recommended show. Follow your artistic instincts…





Keyword Chaos

Another way to find a show at Reading Fringe. We’ve trawled the programme and our own knowledge base and selected the most intriguing phrases in programme line up. So, choose the phrase that draws you in, click on the link and get booking. Use your intuition…

one should mistrust a man who never has the occasional flash of silliness

Social media, sex shops, complicated dating…..the modern world throws up a lot of obstacles

A Steampunk-flavoured mad professor, whose inventions and adventures have taken him around the world

Erzsébet Báthory was one of the most powerful women in 16th century Europe; She was also a sadistic serial killer – allegedly slaughtering 600 young women for pleasure.”

3 weeks, 10 actors, no script… come and find out what happens next!

Keeping your feet still will be utterly impossible

Join two clowns delving into the confusing, the painful and the funny

Capt’n Feline and Chief Strange have been trying to contact their home planet for years now – to no avail

Follow four friends on the holiday of a lifetime, but remember: even paradise has its secrets…

Songs and stories about middle-age and time travel.

That naked chick riding a clam. Women are great to paint, but where are all the great women painters?

a comedic musical tour through some unexpected parallels between maths & pop.”

… feels 16 in his head who overthinks life, love and everything in between.”

More to come

News Wire

All the headlines from Reading Fringe…


BBC Introducing Berkshire and Düsseldorf Takeover at Reading Fringe 2017

Can’t wait until August for some fantastic live music in Reading? Then join the Reading Fringe Festival this July for a free festival of new music featuring the best acts from Düsseldorf Takeover followed by the BBC Introducing Summer Party on Fri 21 July at their funky pop-up Dome venue on Station Hill.

Reading is fast becoming one of the brightest places pushing the UK live music scene, and outstanding bands include Sundara Karma and The Amazons, both 2 of Reading’s finest recent exports, receiving national acclaim across a host of sell out tours. The next line is already hot on their heels, including Palm Honey and Matt Maltese who have gained vast national recognition and radio plays.

This double-billed festival event brings rock, electronica, and psychedelia together for a sensational night. The Düsseldorf Takeover line-up includes The Aberrations, an exciting live act, straddling the fine line between alternative/indie, pop, psychedelic and rock, and Love Machine, dedicated to psychedelic improvisation, krautish weirdness, minimalism and unpredictable performance. Truly a feast of the best upcoming music from both Reading and Düsseldorf in one unforgettable evening.

For more information on this event and more in this year’s Reading Fringe Festival visit www.readingfringefestival.co.uk.

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More to come.