Sopranos, swings and a 1950s Daimler

Press launches and photo shoots don’t always go as expected – all have their challenges and some present unexpected delights.

Just as we gathered yesterday to start taking pictures of opera singers, brigadiers and actors linked to this year’s Army@TheFringe a fabulous 1950s Daimler rolled up and parked in front the the Hepburn House Army Reserve Centre.

It was a gift for the photographers.

It turns out that this stately vehicle is being used to promote the opera Dead Equal – touring the streets of Edinburgh covered in posters, with music wafting from the windows.

For our purposes it looked pretty good with soprano Lila Palmer in front and actor Nicholas Alban, from The Happiness Project perched pink-suited on the roof.

It’s also quite gratifying when you find out that the neighbours seem to want to get involved with the venue.

In this case we had the folk from a crescent adjoining Hepburn House offering to open up their (absolutely gorgeous) gardens so we could get some very relaxed pictures.

We just like to grab this opportunity to say thanks to all those who took part, and to everyone who helped us create some pretty memorable image.

To find out what we have on the programme take a look here.