Getting Your Fringe Show Pitch Right Creating and Delivering Those Essential Words

            In this short audio broadcast, FringeReview’s Paul Levy offers practical tips for creating authentic interest in your show? When you are out on the streets flyering, what should you be saying as you approach passersby with your Fringe flyer? Creating a Successful Show Pitch Visit our Brighton Fringe Performer […]

Dealing with Endless Noise at the Fringe

            Fringe Festivals are endless noisy plays. This is a danger to the success of your show and also a creative opportunity. But trying to ignore that noise could undermine your Fringe show. Find the silence, protect it wherever it appears in your creative work and performance. Be prepared to […]

Advice for your Fringe Press Release

          Here are some tips and barefoot wisdom for your Press Release at the Fringe. Some of this is common sense, but there are also tips learned from the Fringe School of hard knocks… Your Fringe Press Release

To Freebie or Not to Freebie

That is the question! There are different perspectives on the role of free tickets at Fringe Festivals and it can be useful to clarify to yourself if and why you are going to give out “comps”. It is standard practice to release free tickets to the press and to promoters and Festivals such as Edinburgh […]

Meet the Media

Welcome to our Meet the Media page, which gives you the essential information you’ll need from FringeReview during the Edinburgh Fringe and at other Fringe Festivals and regions. You can apply to be reviewed here. Follow us on Twitter @fringereview Join us on Facebook.   How we work during Edinburgh Fringe Now the Fringe is […]