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Plymouth Fringe Festival

Plymouth Fringe Festival

29th May – 2nd June 2018

Now over for 2018. Details for 2019 coming soon. Our 2018 coverage is below.

Welcome to our page for Plymouth Fringe Festival. This is a fringe in which you could get to see everything. From comedy, to dance, from theatre to puppetry, there’s something for everyone, at different times of the day and within easy reach. Here is our coverage – some recommendations and different ways of navigating this young, exciting fringe festival.

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I want to see … at Plymouth Fringe

Our quirky show-finding tool.

I want to see…

… a radical reimagining of Shakespeare’s Othello. Then see Othello

… a black comedy. Then see The View from the Mountaintop

… a family-friendly show. Then see The Fisher-Knight’s Tale

… coming of age story for a hyper-connected world. Then see How I Lost the Will to Live (& Why You Should Too)

… some dance theatre. Then see DANCE TRIPLE BILL: All We Do / Emma is a Dancer / Remnants

… comedy about growing up whilst looking back. Then see The Grownup’s Guide To Growing Up

… some live comedy. Then see Abi Roberts: Anglichanka

… an evening of self deprecating comedy charm, fun and laughter. Then see Yeah!

… a semi-stand-up performance that explores what it means to need a bit of help in a world where everybody expects you to be perfect. Then see Broken

… some storytelling. Then see Tales From a Friend of a Friend

…  a live performance entirely generated from the field recordings and field notes. Then see 40KM – Plymouth Edition

… a bizarre physical comedy. Then see Wombmates

… some different solo theatre. Then see Michael

… some solo comedy theatre. Then see Atlantis

… some dance performance. Then see Outside Skin, Inside Out

… something historical or about the Great War. Then see Falling Pennies

… comedy about death. Then see We are All Going to Die 

… a mad cap political satire. Then see The Beginner’s Guide To Navigation

More to come

Link Collage

Our ever-popular visual way to intuitively find a show to see at Prague Fringe. Simply click on an image that draws you in to find a show, then get booking…






Keyword Chaos

Another way to find a show at Prague Fringe. We’ve trawled the programme and our own knowledge base and selected the most intriguing phrases in programme line up. SO, choose the phrase that draws you in, click on the link and get booking. Use your intuition…

to reclaim it from the hands of Canadian billionaires and give it back to the people who deserve it most.”

You’re not an anarchist. You’re from Swindon. You listen to Adele, you have a cat called Milly and you like Goggle Box.”

This isn’t a play; this is something quite different.

a millennial trying to navigate her way to adulthood as best as she can, but finding that she may be failing at every turn

Deirdre is more magnanimous than Gandhi, sexier than chocolate, hotter than the sun

Disconnected from our source how do we navigate our way forward through the chaos

She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

He is afraid that he will lose her forever, him who was and is eternally in love with her spirit.”

All this sprinkled with a bit of the quirky, the honest & the irreverent.”

Or we could just throw a party. Is that what a grown up would do?


News Wire

22nd May 2017: Plymouth Fringe 2017 (WOinplymouth)

26th May 2016: Plymouth Fringe returns (Arts Council)

Feb 16th 2015: New festival to be launched in Plymouth (The Stage)