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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Drum Struck

Venue: Assembly Hall


Low Down

"There is a drum on every seat for the audience to play along with the world’s finest drummers, dancers and singers. Learn to play an African drum, and meet the Ubuntu Queen."


There was a huge queue to get in and an excited mix of audience from the very young to more mature…most forget their inhibitions and pick up a drum and bang…or is that boom di boom boom… we are off.

We have Africa as we most affectionately like to see it….tribal, smiley and earthy and full of natural rhythm with community at its core…we also have an unapologetic reminder of some of the causes of problems in Africa and most shift a little uncomfortably in their seats – not a bad thing at all.. We have the beautiful voluptuous gorgeous ‘Queen’ commanding the stage and shaking her booty with true woman power. We have some slightly cheesy but heart-warming moments of conflict and resolution together with some twee outfits, stereotypes and dialogue…but all is forgiven with the sheer energy and ability of the performers and the infectiousness of the beat.

The audience were delighted…perhaps even proud of their ability to pick up the beat quickly. This was is part due to very clear and encouraging instructions and the crowd confidently jumped into the mood. The performers seemed tireless and all of our rhythmical attempts were welcomed with joy.

Even my little 9 year old with a broken arm was joining in and having fun. There was a bit of fun audience participation…an unexpected twist to the story and some nice vocals to sit back and enjoy and take a breath and a rest from all that boom shaka la.

I loved the ‘Queen’ as a positive and vital force to role model for young girls and older women alike, it was  refreshing and inspiring to see her force, grace and beauty – when her generous hip flicked and wiggled, things happened!


Go see it, join in, leave your ego and troubles at the door, smile at a stranger and pick up a drum.