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Brighton Fringe 2019


A sovereign production: one of Pretty Villain’s finest.

Betsy: Wisdom of a Brighton Whore

If you can, make this your last stop on the Fringe.

Black Peter

A must-see for anyone who values fine drama.

Caliban’s Codex

a superbly realised piece, vying with Carding’s own outstanding Quintessence.

Double Bill: Mother Figure, A Cut in the Rates

If you enjoy Ayckbourn, catch this in Edinburgh.

End Times: An Immersive Adventure

A Thought Provoking and Sagacious Escapade into an End of the World Immersive Experience

Further Education

A strong, committed production of a very fine comedy

Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours

A joyful Friday night wander/ dance off

Hello Who’s Calling

The Alford touch is worth a diversion for. Or a trunk call.

History Of Ireland

“A slick combination of politically driven theatre, dance and comedy with more than a touch of the Blarney…”

No Knowing

How many ensembles can boast of an Ayckbourn first outside Scarborough?


The imaginative force, language and unsettled serenity of this work demands a sustained run.

The Birth of Death

“A profoundly moving and disarmingly funny journey, looking at death and how we approach it…”

The Milkman’s On His Way

As a storytelling adaptation it couldn’t be bettered. Necessary and uplifting.

The Seven Ages of Mam

13.10 is a good lunchtime to watch a Mam’s legend in.

Those Magnificent Men

Find out what happens to these Magnificent Men; for they were, and are.