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Brighton Fringe 2018

A Woman, In Search

A Search For Meaning In A World Of Illusion

Antigone Alone

Antigone did what she knew had to be done ...

Are Strings Attached?

An Intimate Portrayal of an Aging Icon As He Drifts Into Obscurity


H​ighly charged, hugely energized and utterly committed


One-man homage to classic westerns delivered at a break-neck speed.


fast-paced and hilarious

Lovecraft’s Monsters

A charming tribute to cult author HP Lovecraft

Notorious Women of Brighton

To Miss This Tour-De-Force Would Be Scandalous

Passionate Machine

Time-travelling to the past, to try to save a Futurist.

Pigspurt’s Daughter

Guardian obituary, 2008. ‘Ken Campbell was one of the most original and unclassifiable talents in British theatre of the past half-century.’ It just happens that his daughter Daisy is both that and far more. She’s one of the most cunning crafters of comedy and storytelling in the anti-business

S/he/it Happens

Not Your Typical Day At The Office

She Wolf

So what did Harvey Weinstein and the fifteenth century European ruling classes have in common? Exactly. A lot. English has achieved a phenomenal amount. She co-ordinates everything as she directs and manages her own minimal props.