Brighton Year-Round

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Brighton Year-Round 2019

Anne Hodgson and Nick Houghton Flute and Piano Recital

An absolutely first-class chamber recital in the middle of Brighton

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It couldn’t be done any better and puts several touring shows to shame.

Christina McMaster Piano Recital

Magnificent. It alters the settled world of this music.

Endsleigh Trio

A deeply satisfying recital.

Florisma Baroque Recital

Five-star already, a stunning Brighton and Hove debut

John Lake Trio

Pretty unbeatable for summer jazz.

Laura Browne Guitar Recital

Another quiet thrilling debut

LIPS Ensemble

Consummate and pretty well flawless. Unique and uniquely lively in their field.

Michele Roszak and Lynda Spinney: First Love

A terrific way to blow the summer haze

Richard Bowen Guitar Recital

A fine musician back on evocative form

Rythmie Wong Recital

A thunderous and revelatory recital.

Short Play Festival

Worth 110 minutes of any July evening.

Stones in His Pockets

What better way to spend 105 minutes in the city?

Tabby McTat

It really is purrfect for summer

The Devil’s Playground

A dark, cruel and seductive yet strangely beautiful show

The Kelleth Piano Trio

Consummate and wholly satisfying.

The Mill on the Floss

Stunning. This consummate, flawless production is an event for BLT and Brighton

Would Like To Meet

The trials and tribulations of dating in the digital age.

Wuthering Heights

There mightn’t be a finer adaptation at BOAT this year.