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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

5 Soldiers

Evocative, dynamic and impressive!

A Tutti Frutti Cabaret

Variety and delightful madness abounds


The joys and agonies of being caught between childhood and adulthood at the tender age of 25 as told by 4 25 year olds.

All Kidding Aside

An enjoyable hour of gentle comedy.

All’s Well That Ends Well As You Like It, A Lamentable Comedie and Hysterickal Tragedie, by William Shakespeare

Possibly the longest title of any play associated with the scribblings of Shakespeare.


Crucial theatre

Arab Arts Focus: Dance Double Bill

Impactful and powerful.


A dramatic and engaging trip back to the 17th Century when four thinkers thought outside of a box and changed philosophy and science forever.


Deft and fluid storytelling. Well worth seeking out.


A delight for babies and adults alike


Elegant, imaginative and very entertaining - with deliciously quirky moments!

Bec Hill: Out of Order

A fun afternoon - the audience loved it

Bella Freak

A verbatim condemnation of how you disappear once you are pronounced as special.

Big Bite-Size Lunch Hour: Izzy’s Manifestos

"fine and authentic character acting"

Blues : High Energy Electric Blues

High-energy blues from a great Scottish band.


Tiff Stevenson at her best

Border Tales

Brilliant - creatively devised, provocative, well performed, poignant and moving!

Box Clever

Important and current story - and a clown to boot!

Breaking Black

Informative, entertaining, revealing


Meet Lily as she confronts her choices in the waiting room of an abortion clinic


Energetic, bold, entertaining and fun!


Wonderfully wacky sketch comedy with an absurdist twist.

Caspar Thomas : More Magic and Mentalism

Stunning sleight of hand from a master of magic.

Caspar Thomas: More Magic and Mentalism

A relaxed hour in the company of a skilled magician.

Catriona Knox – Adorable Deplorable

Interactive fun with Politics

Chamberlain: Peace in Our Time

"Intense, informative and some fine character acting"

Chips and Cheese

A popular Glaswegian snack turns into a funny comic journey round yer nan and yer papa meeting yer English boyfreend.

Chris Mullin – In Conversation

A lesson in history from one of the Labour Party’s largely unsung MPs.


Highly skilled entertainment. Lyrical, dramatic, beautiful, spirited, exciting and intriguing!

Come Rain or Come Shine

Perfect hour of music from a very talented trio.


Dance me to the start of love


Sarah Kane’s masterpiece competently performed.

Cream Tea and Incest

Romance, adventure and murders abound, begad!

Creepy Macbeth

Inventively staged version of the Scottish play.

Dad’s Army Radio Hour

A nostalgic hour in the company of some lovely old friends

Daniel Smith Blues Piano

More musical mayhem from Daniel Smith, a Jools Holland with jokes.

David Walliams’ The First Hippo on the Moon

A great children’s story told with much flair and tenderness.

Death City

Stunningly choreographed Korean dance where death lingers round every wrist flick.


Clash of the electricity titans, in a clash of theatrical conventions. Sparks will fly.


A measured and intriguing take on a Greek classic


Isobel Rogers delights as she becomes someone Elsa.

Ensemble Kla_vier : Four Men, Four Pianos

Mesmeric playing from a gifted quartet

Eyewitnesses Are Futile

Don't trust your memory!

F*ck Boys for Freedom

Late night comedy that saws the knuckle off rather than comes near it.

Fall Out

High energy tap dance to live music - pushes the boundaries - exciting!

Follow Suit

Excellent physical theatre - bizarre and entertaining!

Forgive Us, Oh Father

"The music is memorable and the audience leaves tapping its feet."



Frank Carson – A Rebel Without a Pause

That’s a cracker. It’s the way he told ‘em.

Frankie Vah

Moving, fast paced and riveting - a cautionary tale of pride and fall.

Fred and Rose

A powerful look at how the two of the most infamous Gloucester residents almost evaded capture.

Funny Stuff For Happy People

Silliness that every adult must see. And it’s fun for kids as well.

Gazing at a Distant Star

"a hard-hitting piece"

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Improbable New Musical : The Fringe Lozenge

A magic lozenge ensures all’s well at the end in the Fringe for four G&S hopefuls.


Foot-tappingly great tunes.


1934, Dustbowl America. Backstage at the travelling circus, we discover the complex relationship between one man and his performing chimpanzee.


A family tale that has a heart of gold rather than wood but plenty of mileage to get through which will soften yours.


An enthusiastic and youthful rendering of a dystopian future which is challenged by rebellion.


Two women embarking on a battle against embarrassment

How to Act

Dramatic play with humour - entertaining, engrossing, well acted, written and directed. Wow!

Immersion Gallery

3D goggles and the future of gaming in a 20 minute exhibition that wows the artist in you.

In Conversation With : John McDonnell

An hour of straight talking from the Labour Shadow Chancellor.

In The Mood : The Music of Glenn Miller

Great jazz from a great quartet

Ingo’s War

Delightful and meaningful story - imaginative, creative, moving and extremely well done!

It’s No Job for a Nice Jewish Girl

A debut solo show exploring the drive to fit in, with a bit about being a pop star.

Jason and the Argonauts

An impressive modern take on the legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece with contemporary power and focus.

Jayde Adams is Jayded

Hilarious and entertaining, boisterous and moving all at the same time!

Jenny Bede: Eggtime

"Fast-paced, full-on and painfully funny"

Jonny and The Baptists – The Best Of 2012-2017

Bonkers comedy and absurdist songs.


Well performed and highly skilled, Kin is a wonderfully entertaining, and theatrical show that draws you in immediately.

Kit Hesketh-Harvey and James McConnel – Pheasant Laughter

Beguiling badinage and ballads from two doyens of the Fringe.

Knock, Knock

Niv Petel’s physical solo uses a unique point of view to draw back the thick curtain of politics in the Middle East.

Know Brexit

A reminder that divorce is never straightforward. Or cheap.

Last Resort

Intelligent and political immersive theatre


Superior sketch show that is very funny almost all of the time.


Acrobatic dance expressing an abstract version of a poignant story.

Lula del Ray by Manual Cinema

Creative, innovative, beautiful and moving show!


Stand up comedy from New York

Mary Go Nowhere

An acerbic take on living the modern suburban American ‘dream’ with lovely ensemble performances and laugh out loud dialogue.

Me and My Bee

"genuine moments of belly laughter throughout"

Me, Myself and I

An enthusiastic physical performance piece based on an eventful night out

Meeting at 33

An immersive meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with truth, dignity and power in the performance

Men with Coconuts

A hilarious improvised hour with improv experts


A terrifying confrontation, set on a beach in Brazil in 1979, but really in all of our memories of a time that seems to be closer than we think.


Brave, honest autobiographical piece about mental health

Mia: Daughters of Fortune

A poignant and heart wrenching indictment of “caring” for, rather than with, the learning disabled who wish to be parents

Michael Brandon – Off-Ramps

A well-told insight into a life in Hollywood

Mickey Sharma – Sharmanator!!

Stand up that may not launch ships but will rock your boat

Mies Julie

Provocative, entertaining drama - riveting!

Mikelangelo: Cave-Waits-Cohen

"It fills our hearts with the songs we love sung by a man who transforms the lyrics into a personal love song to us all."


Fascinating, textured, sensitive and inspired!

Moving On

Chris Kent , charming and surreal

My Leonard Cohen

"A well deserved standing ovation for a unique take on Cohen"


Sets the standard, year after year, for rapid-fire sketch comedy.


Lad’s mag Doghouse in the doghouse.

Off The Top : Neuroscience With Attitude

Brain food for your lunch break

Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story

The storytelling is mesmeric, stripped down, unsentimental.

On This Side of Time

Evocative and fascinating! Original contemporary choreography with eclectic music.

One Romanian Asking Questions

A comedian’s comedian

Ouija: The Musical

A terrifying night in a Welsh village hall.

Out of Love

An exceptionally well structured tale of friendship and love between friends which is tested constantly

Out of the Bad

A touching tale of the morning after the night before, commemorating 103 days of yesteryear that thankfully avoids nostalgia but still make us think of the past


A black comedic dramatic trip back to the 60’s where films were made and sex was cheap with a couple of gangsters who are just a pony short of the full shilling.


"a glorious beast of collective performance - comedy, music, drama and dialogue"

Pike St.

Vulnerable and triumphant: theatre at its very heart


A one woman show, that takes us through the disgrace and grace of a silent film star, long gone but revived for us here in an engaging performance

Puppet Fiction

Gritty story inspired by Pulp Fiction, except with puppets - entertaining and fun!


Absorbing and masterful storytelling; a poignant coming to terms with loss

Reuben Kaye

Cabaret at it's most fabulous

Rice Krispies with Ketchup

The show is based loosely on my son's autism, growing up in South America and relationships/starting over

Ruby Redfort

Super-sleuth Ruby to the rescue again.

Scottish Superwomen of Science – Minerva Scientifica

Unsung heroes of Scottish science, unsung no longer

Shakespeare for Kids : Toil and Trouble

Fun forty-five minute introduction to Shakespeare. For parents as well as their offspring.

Shakespeare on a Shoestring : Cymbeline

Twelve actors, twelve plot devices and a lot of energy

Shell Shock

And astounding performance in both a measured and frantic performance that brings PTSD from Tommy's living room into your conscience.

Show Me The Money

A compelling take on what it means to be a professional artist.

Show Up

"Improvised Comedy at its very best"


A highly effective retelling of the loss of arguably China’s greatest 20th Century writer thanks to the persecution he suffered at the hands of his own government.

Sixth Night : Shakespeare for Those With Short Attention Spans

Upbeat Shakespearean larks to start the day


Inspired and inspiring piece - creative, dynamic and tender

Songs From the Deep South

Sultry swing from the girl with the smooth as silk voice.

Start Swimming

Concrete jungle where dreams are fought for


Powerful insights into the world of eating disorders

Steve Gribbin : Shunted Again

The train not standing at the platform won’t now be coming or going anywhere.


An exuberant and joyful exploration of what it means to become a man one day.

The 5:30 Cabaret

Full on cabaret to kick-start your evening.

The Art and Science of Gin

Gin as Science and History

The Conscious Uncoupling

Weaving comedy memoir and love letters in a story about breaking up

The Dreamer

A visual treat! Creative, inventive and visceral physical theatre.

The Drive

Intriguing new play - friendship, memories of two women on an unexpected road trip.

The Edelweiss Pirates

A very theatrical and competent account of a highly brave movement in counter activities to the Hitler Youth that ended tragically for some of their number.

The Egg-Born Princess

Charming, absorbing delightful

The Establishment : Eton Mess

A delicious Eton Mess of a comedy.

The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign

Poignant reminder that showbiz is not all glam and glitter

The Handlebards : As You Like It

All the world’s a stage. Well, at least this bit of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The House

Enter the unique world of Jane’s dark comedy characters – five characters who are once again inspired by her roots in The Lakes

The Humours of Bandon

Entertaining, charming and spirited!

The Imaginary Radio Show

A devilishly satirical comedy, taking a darker look at American pop culture

The Last Queen of Scotland

A largely one woman show that manages to effectively tell the tale of how the Ugandan Asians, thrown out of their country ended up in the UK through the eyes of one of the children who came across and ended up in Dundee, like…

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Quick-fire shenanigans from some very merry wives in Windsor.

The Nature of Forgetting

Musical, memorable, vulnerable

The New Maths Magic Show

Magical mathematics from a master of numeracy.

The North

Creative quirky piece - whimsical on the surface with deeper meaning.

The Oppression Olympics

Four strangers fight it out to see who has it the toughest.

The Principle of Uncertainty

A lesson in science that turns into a lesson in life.

The Recovery Version

Hogmanay in the Highlands. A time for whisky and home truths

The Road That Wasn’t There

Entertaining, imaginative, thoughtful and enlightening!

The Science of Cringe

Picture a Venn diagram where behavioural science, character comedy and storytelling are intersecting the hell out of each other.

The Shape of the Pain

Polished and riveting, but in need of a further draft

The Sky Is Safe

Committed, necessary and urgent theatre.

The Tale of the Cockatrice

A superior piece of children’s theatre that tells an ancient tale with plenty of new tricks.

The Tempest

Heart-warming, outdoor theatre on a cold, damp evening.

The Time Machine

An excellently executed journey into the future

The Wonderful World of Lapin

Charming and entertaining family show that will delight the very young.

To Hell in a Handbag

A sparkling lunchtime comedy


Excellent acting, entertaining comedic physical theatre!

Translunar Paradise

Excellent, well performed, creative and very moving!

Trygve Wakenshaw & Barnie Duncan: Different Party

Delightfully eccentric and inventive physical comedy!

Two Little Ducks

Funny, sad and insightful – this is spoken work performance at its best.

Vintage Mobile Cinema

A unique experience!


An enthusiastic musical which promises to view the world from an alt left American perspective given current world posturing

What if the Plane Falls out of the Sky?

"get tickets to this as soon as possible"

Whore: A Kid’sPlay

An episodic trip through what your mom is from the perspective of children and young people who find adulthood a scary place.

You’re Only Cosmic Dust

Keir McAllister takes the world to task


Powerful one woman show, with strong writing.

£¥€$ (LIES)

Cleverly crafted experience by masters of interactive performance