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Edinburgh Fringe 2018


Creative, bold, sensitive, meaningful physical theatre.


A one woman powerhouse!

A Christmas Carol

"I urge you to go and rediscover something you thought you knew all too well, and join the standing ovation at the end."

A Cockroach and Furry Blurry Fluffy Things

Delightful show, positive, creative and imaginative!

A Fair Tale About a Fairy Trade

A brave attempt to tackle a serious issue, from an ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate young company.

A Gallant Life

An engaging and memorable performance, recounting motor-racing champion Muriel Thompson’s remarkable First World War experiences.

A Generous Lover

A masterclass in solo work

A Joke

A joyful leap into the unknown. These incredible performers take you on masterclass of japery.

A Life On The Silk Road

An Epic and Unique Journey Through Dance, Music, Puppetry, and Physical Theatre

A Man’s A Man

Celebrate the life and death of the acclaimed poet Robert Burns, with marvelous music and daring prose

A Modern Guide to Heroism and Sidekickery

Not Just for Comic Fans, Modern Guide Inspires the Underdog Hero in All of US

About Lady White Fox With Nine Tails…

An insight into the nature of darkness


Fusing dance, physical theatre, prose, and raw, dynamic acting Ewan Downie breathes new life into the ages old tale.

Ad Libido

A moving, painfully funny, brilliantly crafted one woman show that has everything from awkward sex scenes to teenage diaries to talking Yonis.

All Change

A delightful and bittersweet comedy that will tug your heart strings.

Alma, A Human Voice

Clever creation that needs a little glitter!

An Abundance of Tims

The one white male solo comedy show you absolutely should see this Fringe.

Another One

An impressive physical theatre piece that does seem to meander round a lack of connection.

Appropriately Inappropriate

Thao fast becomes a new best friend – with whacky logic, comedy and sharp one-liners!


Highly innovative climate change narrative that draws you into a dramatic movement piece which then delivers a massive knock out blow.

Bad Things Happen Here

A scarce modern dystopia, this show will linger with you for many weeks to come

Bite-Size Plays Presents: Neverwant

Where Do We Find Humanity In A World Without Emotion?


Graphic treatise on the dangers of substance abuse – in this case alcohol.


An evocative song of an ancient landscape and two lovers caught in it.


A riff on James Joyce’s Ulysses exploring Bloom’s Jewish heritage as he time travels through the 20th century.

Bowjangles: Excalibow

Outstanding music, vocals, comedy, movement, and innovation combine to create a remarkable performance.


Frenetic inertia wins the day.


Well crafted, performed and directed, spirited, polished, entertaining and moving show!

Casting Off

Three generations of women 'Cast Off' all stereotypes of what they can, should and be able to do.

Circa: Wolfgang

A entertaining hour of physical comedy combined with classical music

Cirque Beserk!

Circus transforms to theatre with an impressive cast in an energetic presentation.

Clara Saves America

Stand up show late at night that amuses without depending upon the need to cater to late night appetites.


Putting the "fun" back in funeral.

ComedySportz UK

An improvised comedy show that takes drama games to a whole new level.

Craig Hill: C’mon the Lads!

Brilliant hour of stand-up comedy

Dandy Darkly’s All Aboard!

Well written and performed, deliciously eccentric character, fascinating and entertaining!

Daniel Cainer – Old Dog, New Shtick

Gentle hour of semi-autobiographical comedy

Daniel Smith Trio – Blues Piano

More musical mayhem from Daniel Smith, a Jools Holland with jokes.

Danny Lobell: Fat Chance

A hilarious personal “run” round why size matters in a stand up show that doesn’t slim down on the comedy.


Well written and acted contemporary play about 20 somethings is relatable, informative, entertaining and pulls on the heart-strings, the best kind of theatre!

De Fuut

Disturbing look into the mind of a paedophile

Dear Lucy

Revealing discovery in a shoebox.

Departure Date

Death farce that delivers some of the drama some of the time

Dib, Dib Dead

A worthy drama of a scouting mission that goes seriously wrong

DNA – Alexandra David-Néel

Daring, intelligent, unique, challenging work

Don Juan

Don Juan in the raw


Solo exploration and expose of the worst of the DUP in a relaxed performance style that draws you in and makes you truly think.

East Belfast Boy

An explosive, impressive and energetic exploration of a sub culture in dance from an area of mass testosterone and masculinity


Strong monologues from four actors that show their abilities to hold an audience and deliver a fine piece of writing that belies their age.

Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany

Moving adaptation of grandmother's book on life in wartime Berlin


Explosive gig-theatre exploring mental health

Éowyn Emerald and Dancers

Interesting choreography, very well danced to a variety of music.

Everything Wrong With You Is Beautiful

An intimate and polished performance from an accomplished storyteller and poet.

Extinguished Things

Interesting and moving with detailed descriptions.


A joyfully bewildering, fascinating dose of punky, post-theatre

Fats Waller Meets Dave Brubeck

Fats Waller and Dave Brubeck imagined in concert together.

Fear Itself

funny, dark and frightening - a psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes


Creative, innovative, well-performed and directed, a complete show that entertains and informs!

Female Transport

A tale of transport to the colonies with punishment, exploitation and solidarity at the heart of a straightforward tale, told in an intimate setting.

First Snow / Première neige

Inventive bilingual collaboration where family tensions merge with debate around cultural identity


Immersive theatre in a container that takes you off on a flight with earphones on and plenty of noise to drive you to distraction.

Forget Me Nots

Dynamic, subtle and tender storytelling!

Four Go Wild in Wellies

Wild entertainment for a wet Edinburgh day.


A new comedy musical with an upbeat score, performed by an enthusiastic young cast.

Girl World

A devised exploration of what being a girl means and how to transition to womanhood.

Grail Project

unique, accomplished, clever, hilarious yet also often touching and powerful work

Greg Byron – Wordshow

Wordshow – comedy for thinking people

Gyles Brandreth : Break A Leg

Master class in comedic storytelling from a new national treasure


A joyous celebration of relationships in all their glorious messiness

Heather and Harry

Stumble Trip Theatre smash it with wonderful hyper energetic Lecoq inspired madness

Helen Lederer: I Might as Well Say It

Fast paced, entertaining show with delicious dollops of wit, envy and self deprecation peppered here and there!


Blind Summit tear up the puppetry rulebook… again

Henry Box Brown

"Wonderfully written and portrayed"

Holy Moses

A charming retelling of the Moses story through two young people who may win the prize for show furthest travelled and certainly tell this tale with confidence.

Honey’s Happening

Welcome to Honey's Happening where pineapple surprise and party games are sure to bring about world peace


Heart-breaking, darkly comic and beautifully performed


A gut-wrenching tale of Indigenous brothers caught in a torrent of solvent abuse in the wake of the death of their mother.

Impromptu Shakespeare

One of the many plays that Shakespeare might have written, but didn’t. And there'll be a different one tomorrow.

In Loyal Company

A Traumatic But Necessary Reminder Of The Heroes The War Leaves Behind


Bittersweet slapstick comedy about the cycle of life

Istanbul: You’ll Never Walk alone

An iconic night of football told from three perspectives in an enthralling a tale as the one played out in Turkey

It’s Not a Sprint

Engaging performer in a solo play about Thirty-something life choices

I’ll Have What She’s Having

A hilarious run through womanhoodwinked in the 21st Century straight from two women who know from either side of the picketed fence.

Jamie MacDonald: Blinkered

The funny upside of being blind

Joke Box (Julian Lee)

An generous hour of free one-liner comedy

Journeys in Hand – A Musical Fusion from Scotland and Rajasthan

(Further) proof that music transcends all culture and language

Kit and McConnel

More beguiling badinage and ballads from two doyens of the Fringe.

Laurence Clarke: An Irresponsible Guide to Parenting

Wacky and wickedly funny side swipes at interfering You Tube do-gooders

Letters For Peace

Haunting, poignant music from one of Scotland’s leading guitarist and composers


An original musical with promise and vitality which nearly gets it spot on.

Love Song To Lavender Menace

Heartwarming tribute to an important piece of LGBT+ history

Lucille and Cecilia

Two wacky sea lions with a tale to tell – and don’t forget the mackerel.

Mairi Campbell – Auld Lang Syne

A nice way to switch off from the outside world

Medea Electronica

A wild and imaginative musical retelling of an ancient Greek tragedy

Meno Pause

A one woman’s personal exploration through the Menopause

Monsieur Somebody

Excellent acting, intriguing new absurdist play by Seamus Collins is provocative and entertaining!

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers Tribe

Thrilling Taiko drumming with stunning visual effects and choreography

My Land

Breath taking circus skill and performance that tells a story whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat and with your heart in your mouth.

My Left Right Foot

Biting, hilarious look at how to be inclusively inclusive

Narcissist in the Mirror

Razor sharp writing and performance. If you’re going to see one play about millenial anx, see this one.


Sets the standard, year after year, for rapid-fire sketch comedy.

No Kids

Electric performances, creative, vibrant and poignant!

Not Yet Suffragette

Smart, Provocative Feminist Comedy for the Whole F**king Patriachy!


Creative physical theatre and poetic character!


An inventive investigation of the unseen darkness behind the facade.

One Life Stand

Gig theatre examining relationships in the technological age


A stunning solo interpretation of an iconic novel from a Fringe favourite

Ovid’s Metamorphoses

an exciting revision of myth mixing media and movement

Pamela’s Palace

A very entertaining theatrical experience - creative, well acted and lots of laughter!!!

Passionate Machine

Time travel, Russian poetry, a PhD, a single Mum, quantum physics, a Rocky montage. Fun, moving and brilliant.

Pirates Revisited

A highly enjoyable, beautifully sung, fast-paced and entertaining production

Power Play: The Empty Chair

Interesting play about a serious topic.

Queens of Sheba

Inspiring, energetic, committed

Re: Production

An exceptionally well-crafted tale of how irony and IVF melt together but cannot break true love.


A Reversible world where nothing is as it seems


Banded together, these performers really stretch the possibilities of the modern circus show.


Fun, inclusive and feminist


Three Women Convicted of Witch Craft Make Peace with Their Fates and Reveal How Little Has Changed

Sit with us for a moment and remember

Take a moment from your busy day. Now breathe.

Sky Labyrinths

Beautiful, visceral and tantalizing dance and physical theatre!

SOWhEreTO Africa

This show is full of rhythm, dance and joy!


A powerful ode to friendship relationships, and the spaces between.


Innovative exposé of the cocaine trade pulls no punches


Bold exploration of the idea of nationality

Stick By Me

A show about friendship. And lolly sticks.

Taiwan Season: Bon 4 Bon

Fascinating story told through inspired choreography!

Taiwan Season: Varhung – Heart to Heart

Mesmerizing, this is fine work, fine dance, fine visual storytelling!


A graduate showcase of physical and absurdist theatre exploring grief and letting go.

That Daring Australian Girl

This is an empathetic and heartfelt account of a life that has been, until now, ‘hidden from history.’

The Approach

Three women. Three lives. Three conversations spanning half a decade. Woven and connected and Isolated and reconnected.

The Burning Gadulka

Vibrant and animated storytelling!

The Death of Edgar Allan Poe

Equal parts ghost story, biography, gothic theatre, and poetry, The Death of Edgar Allan Poe is a funeral to which you should not be late.

The Famous Five

An Amazing Adventure for all the Family

The Fishermen

A Traumatic But Transformational Fight For Life, Freedom, and Understanding

The Flop

'The Flop' is anything but!

The Gin Chronicles in New York

A Radio Play wth a Twist...of Lemon.

The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign

The sadness of being ordinary

The Girls from Oz

Three sassy singing Sheilas from Australia

The Glass Menagerie

Youth theatre production of Tennessee Williams classic

The House

Horribly realistic insight into the world’s most materialistic society.

The Incurable Optimist

Vicar of Dibley writer takes centre stage reflecting on a life in comedy and developing Parkinsons

The Little Musician

Interesting and imaginative!

The Marilyn Conspiracy

What really happened to Marilyn Monroe?

The Merry Wives of Seoul

Refreshing, engaging take on Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor.

The Odyssey of Homer

A classic romp through a classic tale which shows enthusiasm and some flair.

The OS Map Fan Club

Perfect tonic for map loving walkers.

The Political History of Crack and Smack

A rip roaring canter through the chaotic lives of two likeable recovering drug addicts

The Red Shoes

Sizzling reimagining of the Hans Christian Anderson tale in the context of Weimar Germany that brims full of artistic value

The Search for a Black-Browed Albatross

Creative, imaginative, beautifully crafted and well performed - excellent show!

The Turn of the Screw

A Contemporary Puppet-Assisted Twist on a Classic Tale

The Unknown Soldier

A poignant reminder of the aftermath of war and the unsung heroes it leaves behind.

The Welcome Revolution

A welcoming afternoon tea in a cold world.

This Is Just Who I Am

"utterly hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable"

Thrown by Jodi Gray

Dreamlike and Sureal Creation

Timpson The Musical

A pair of star-crossed lovers out to out-invent their foe, one Keypulet, the other Montashoe.

Trojan Horse

Compelling, devastating, uncompromising,

Voldemort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody

An hour of delightful escapism for muggles, witches and wizards

Warhol: Bullet Karma

Sphinx Without a Secret

When the Friendship has Sailed

A gentle comedy with one really fun device; the singing goldfish.

When You Fall Down: The Buster Keaton Story

A creative one-man musical, featuring songs, slapstick, dance and film

Where the Hell is Bernard

In a world where reaching 50 signals the end, four workers escape the hive in a darkly comic physical show.

Woodbine Willie: Poet and Padre

1,000,000 cigarettes: keeping alive the story of an extraordinary ordinary WWI hero

Woogie Boogie

Creative, imaginative, inventive and fun family show!


Creative and moving - performed with excellent dance quality.

Your Alice

A trip down the Rabbit Hole like you've never seen.

Your Bard

Did Shakespeare really write all those plays and sonnets?