Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Beep Boop

A one man mime and physical comedy theatre show with a live digital soundscape, exploring society’s uneasy obsession with online life and the curious delusional pull away from an actually lonely reality.

Bleeding Black

Rugby is not a sport. It’s a religion, a way of life. Just ask any Kiwi.

Ginger Johnson’s Happy Place

A camp journey through high anxiety.

Heroin(e) for breakfast

Outstanding ten years ago, outstanding again in this new production

Hitler’s Tasters

You will stumble out at the end completely bowled over by the power of this play

Jordan Brookes: I’ve Got Nothing

A talented clown makes something out of nothing

Manifesting Mrs Marx

Exhilarating solo performance in an intimate venue

The House of Influenza

A solo show of many zany characters exploring what one might do in a suburban zombie attack if an over indulgence in horror movies is your only frame of reference

Umbrella Man

Start your Fringe day with a bang in the hands of a very talented poet and storyteller