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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Craig Hill: Bottoms Up!

The King of Scottish banter is back to rip the pish

Don’t Be Terrible

A multi layered two hander about love, comedy and doing gigs

Ed Byrne: If I’m Honest

That Irish bloke you like from the telly is back to make you laugh

Grant Buse: Touchè Busè

A very talented, award winning, musical comedian turns his blows into shows

Jessica Fostekew: Hench

Hench means; Strong, Fit and having well-developed muscles. That describes this show, perfectly.

John Robins: Hot Shame

This is a stand up comedy masterclass

Jordan Brookes: I’ve Got Nothing

A talented clown makes something out of nothing

Ken Cheng: To All The Racists I’ve Blocked Before

A very funny love letter to all the racist trolls Ken has blocked before

Matt Forde: Brexit, pursued by a bear

A wickedly funny indictment of the state of the nation and the fools that have led us here

Paul Currie: Trufficle Musk

A brilliant hour of bonkers comedy that makes you happy

Simon Evans: Dressing For Dinner

Stand Up’s grumpy uncle brings his acerbic and sardonic wit to bear on the modern world.

Spencer Jones: The Things We Leave Behind

A welcome return from a comedian who exemplifies the spitrit of The Fringe

Stand Up with Janine Harouni

Fast, funny, gag laden storytelling with a rich cast of characters

Stephen Buchanan: Baby Dove

Sharp story telling and keenly observed comedy in the hands of a talented young performer

Stuart McPherson: Mr November

Gags, gags and more gags brilliantly delivered by a sharp young comedian

The Reverend Richard Coles: A Simple Country Parson    

A very English clergyman preaches a very English sermon to his choir

Tony Law: Identifies

Tony Law treats us to a white knuckle ride into his world of comic absurdity

Zoe Lyons: Entry Level Human

One of the countries best comedians delivers an hour of faultless comedy