Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Ari Eldjárn: Pardon My Icelandic

A nice guy seduces the entire audience

Bec Hill: Out of Order

A fun afternoon - the audience loved it

Breaking Black

Informative, entertaining, revealing

Cheekykita: Somewhere In The Ether

New madness from the Manchester loon

Danny Lobell

Funny guy in a funny place.

Jenny Bede: Eggtime

"Fast-paced, full-on and painfully funny"


Stand up comedy from New York

Michael Brandon – Off-Ramps

A well-told insight into a life in Hollywood

Mickey Sharma – Sharmanator!!

Stand up that may not launch ships but will rock your boat

One Romanian Asking Questions

A comedian’s comedian

You’re Only Cosmic Dust

Keir McAllister takes the world to task