Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2012

A Dirty Martini

Trailblaze immerse in the mileu with much fun and panache.

Boom Boom Club

Dirty laughs to go with your Dirty Martini (no Dirty Martinis available).

Bourgeois and Maurice: Sugartits

Excellent glamorous and inventive cabaret show with a political edge.


Boys well suited to strip


Skilled, smart, trash-tastic circus and boylesque!

Daughters of Lot

Sex sells and the corruption of the two daughters is of biblical proportions in this hour long sexploitation.

Jacques Brel in Song and Dance

A pleasant afternoon in the company of the music of Brel.

Jonny & the Baptists

Blues with humour!

Lady Rizzo

A New York cabaret singer who thrives on glitter and glamour, has the voice of Lady Gaga, and the aplomb of Liz Minelli.

Richard Wiseman – Psychobabble

Never trust a psychologist, especially one that doubles as a magician.

The Pain of Desire

Film Noir Diva sings cinematic