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Edinburgh Fringe 2012

A Clockwork Orange

Stunning all-male cast take on the Burgess' violent novella for a jaw-dropping impact

A Strange Wild Song

Physical theatre in which an American soldier encounters three little boys in a bombed out village in France during WWII.


Well crafted contemporary theatre

Captain Ko and the Planet of Rice

A triptych of plays exploring dementia, memory and the passage of time through a sci-fi lens.


Brilliantly creative le Coq theatre with physical comedy

Golden Gloves

A physical theatre piece that meanders rather than guides us through issues within boxing, celebrating the endeavour of pugilists with dance and music

Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am

A play, production and performances of rare distinction

Life As We Know It

Big questions and answers in a Fringetastic dance exploration

Macbeth: Who Is That Bloodied Man?

An operatic vision of Shakespeare's dark tragedy.

Machines For Living

A touching exploration into the beauty of concrete and the importance of community.

Mephisto Waltz

Extreme theatre magic.

Piatto Finale and Centralia

Wild - theatrical - original - very funny!

Picnic Apocalytpic

A stirring journey into hell

Robertson’s Crusoe

A solo masterclass with a unique, compelling precision

The Better Half

An exceptional physical theatre piece that sizzles, sparkles and thumps you with its narrative. Sheer joy.

The Fantasist

A poignant and absorbing reflection on the effect of mental illness.

The Last Fairytale

Visually haunting, come to the show...

The Submarine Show

Two become one, and it works a subaquatic treat

Translunar Paradise

A beautiful miniature with excellent mask work about loss