Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Ballad of the Burning Star

Stellar conception and performance

Bedtime Solos by Jakob Holder

A solid piece of work.


Explosive physical theatre


A simple and charming debut piece of spoken and physical theatre with a touching narrative.


A young female cast of talented performers holding a challenging and high energy zany physical piece at a level of high professional quality.

It Needs Horses + Home for Broken Turns

Dark, Sumptious, Lilting Dance

Man In the Moone

Man In The Moone

Menage a Trois

Claire Cunningham, with all the trickery of theatricality as well as a fantastic narrative and performance takes us into the intimate world of living with two crutches


Thought-provoking and visually stunning: physical theatre at its best

Sluts of Possession

Primal and Uncivilised


"Recommended for the energy, the invention and the heartfull oomph"

Somnambules and the Seven Deadly Sins

A haunting and dream-like piece.


An intriguing exploration of the nature of relationship using movement and dance

That is All You Need to Know

A mesmerising piece of storytelling with a wonderful tale to tell

The Beginning

A love letter to theatre

The Greatest Liar In All The World

The Greatest Liar in All the World

The Seer

The life of legendary poet Arthur Rimbaud

The System

A creative gem of physical theatre; fantastic performers truly deliver

Track 3

Pitch perfect physical theatre


YurtaKids! UnLeashed_Scaténàti