Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

4×4 Ephemeral Architectures

Breathtakingly beautiful and entertaining!

64 Squares

Enter the brain of ‘B’, and discover some of the most exciting physical theatre on the Fringe.


A devised piece celebrating the life and work of Ada Lovelace

Arc and Every Action

Ockham’s Razor presents two contrasting pieces with their breathtaking circus narrative.

Ben Fairey: Floe-Joe’s Faces

There's nothing quite like this on the Fringe.

Black Magic: Songs Unchained

A wonderful combination of physical theatre and a Capella songs documenting the fight for racial equality in America


It's true: working 9 to 5 ain't no way to make a living. Try this instead ..


Meditative and mysterious performance set in the beautiful grounds of Dryburgh abbey


A mesmerizing production comprised of brilliant puppetry, mime, and beautiful music.


Poignant, entertains and enlightens about a serious topic

Clown Macbeth

A visually striking, and unique take on a Shakespeare classic.


Impactful , entertaining and suave!


A stunning display of circus skills.

Emperor of America

A delightful romp through the Midwest in the company of adorable vagabonds


An inventive, creative, and beautifully constructed physical theatre adaptation of Macbeth.

Falling in love with Frida

An intimate and evocative performance that layers text, music and dance.


A pinch of nudity, a splash of surrealism, and a dollop of the absurd. You won’t find anything else quite like it skimming through the Fringe brochure, that’s for sure.

Fraxi Queen of the Forest

A 'MUST SEE' for children aged 8+. A triumph of whimsical physical theatre


A high octance retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur, with a twist!


"Good Evening. Consider, if you will, a group of scoundrels and vagabonds who like to play with rope .."

Hotel Paradiso

Mask theatre at its best. Imaginative physical storytelling.


Brilliant absurdist physical theatre!

Jurassic Park

Inventive and Entertaining Physical Comedy!

K’RD Strip: A Place to Stand

Fierce, Frightening and F**king Fabulous

L’Enfant qui…

Magical, earthy theatrical circus!

Perceptual Landscape

A beautiful challenge to our perceptions of reality.

Plan B for Utopia

A brilliant mix of theatre and dance addressing ideas about Utopia.

The Cherry Orchard: Beyond the Truth

A fantastically bizarre physical theatre piece based on a Chekhov classic.

The Frantic Canticles of Little Brother Fish

An hour of inspiration, silliness, originality and elegant storytelling.

The Girl Who Fell in Love with the Moon

A fantastically unique and magical piece of physical theatre.

Vegas Nocturne

At times sharply observed, at others bizarre, late night cabaret from Vegas

Wild at Heart

"Mad in all the right ways"

Women’s Hour

A hour with two wonderful clowns

Woolley Eyed Turtle 3D

Two zany women - Wildly dynamic physical storytelling!