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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

360 Allstars

"Rarely have I seen such enthusiasm and sheer joy in a crowd"

5 out of 10 Men

Bold drama and physical theatre! Excellent!

At War with Love

A poignant, deep and vibrant use of Shakespearean sonnet dressed in the context of World War One


Visually beautiful, enjoyable, sensitively performed!


By Circa

Death of Her Brother

A visually evocative piece of performance art that examines loss and relationship

Finders Keepers

Deliciously grubby physical theatre for all ages set in junkyard

Hot Brown Honey

The Controversial Hit of the Fringe


Love, murder and stunning physical theatre set in 1950s America


A fast paced jam packed show, a cinematic experience without technology, a multisensory treat.

Of, or at a Fairly Low Temperature

Comic dancer nails macho posturing

Only Bones

Comic body animation receives huge ovation

Shhhh – An Improvised Silent Movie

Not a word from start to finish.

Stunning The Punters (and other stories)

Gripping trilogy from George Dillon

Taiwan Season: Lost in Grey

Dynamic and meaningful dance theatre!

Taiwan Season: NuShu

Sensitive and impactful!

The Cat In The Hat

Standard yet enthusiastic fare of Thing One, Thing Two and a day out the rain

The Hogwallups

Inventive and entertaining theatrical circus skills!

The Jungle Book : Cobwebs and Moontalk

Where’s that elephant got to?

The Living Room

Unique and extremely compelling physical and vocal theatre!

The Mission

Creative work from a new ensemble!

The Six-Sided Man

Engrossing, complex, physical theatre, finely acted!

The Tiniest Frog Prince in the World

Charming, imaginative, delightful children's show.

The Vagina Dialogues

Women share all in a glorious celebration of feminity


This is what the Fringe is really about