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Edinburgh Fringe 2019


Exquisite movement and physical storytelling

Beep Boop

A one man mime and physical comedy theatre show with a live digital soundscape, exploring society’s uneasy obsession with online life and the curious delusional pull away from an actually lonely reality.


Storytelling with songs and lot of character!


A pitch perfect piece of physical theatre, exploring themes of family connection, parenthood and loss.

Catching Comets

This was a solo performance telling a story about love, about fear, about the protections that we build up around ourselves that isolate us more than they serve.


A fiercely personal theatrical creation


Witty, wry, slapstick, funny, well performed and very entertaining!

From the Top

Meaningful physical theatre, excellent dancing


Vibrant entertaining show with a fascinating international cast of skilled characters!


A highly skilled physical exploration of the theme of heroes and their impact upon us

I Run

A vivid solo performance of a man running furious, powerful and heartbroken into the grief of his dead daughter.

I’m Non Typical, Typical

Moving and powerful dance, physical theatre and the spoken word from this diverse company

I’m A Phoenix, Bitch

Guy Masterson finds the perfect show...

Knock Knock

A no-nonsense fairy tale with a twist brought to life with dance and physical theatre, accessible to d/Deaf and hearing audiences.

Little Rabbit

Susan's trapped in her house by rising flood water. But she's not allowed to leave the house or even be seen......

My Love Lies Frozen In The Ice

A visual feast of physical theatre, gorgeous stagecraft, clowning and puppetry

Not Quite

Symes and Thomas have real talent and are an excellent double act

Paris de Nuit

"The stunts are gripping"


A consummately delivered theatrical take on an important area of psychotherapy.

Scottee: Fat Blokes

Transformational physical theatre that challenges and moves

Sir David and His Animals

Creative, funny and entertaining physical storytelling for all ages!


Jaw-dropping and magical physical theatre

The Beautiful Game

Joy and ecstasy, failure and defeat in a strong physical theatre piece with football thrown in.

The Burning

A tale of persecution and rage with much to admire

The Chosen

Superb heartfelt visual storytelling with excellent movement quality

The Desk

Energetic precision of movement with a powerful message!

The Letter

A wonderful piece of physical theatre which is an absolute joy to watch.

The War of the Worlds

Creative, provocative original play with surprise twists, superb physical theatre!

The Words Are There

Imaginative and impactful physical storytelling

There She Is

A treat of an absurdist “tale” that brings the confusion of life into the centre of our universe


Dramatic, moving, impactful physical storytelling

Working On My Night Moves

Exciting challenge to conventional theatre in late night dance and physical theatre