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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Deer Woman

A rightfully angry production that gives voice to a story that needs to be more widely heard


An affecting and challenging experience of the Trans world within our communities mixed with a fascinating back track and technology mixed right in front of our eyes.

Encyclopedia of Kitchen Comedy Essays by Larry Tadlock

"No matter what combination of stories each show will deliver, I have no doubt that they will be as engaging as the ones I thoroughly enjoyed."


Thrilling and inventive, pulsing with creativity and ability

Predictably Irrational

engaging, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable

Robert Ross : Forgotten Heroes of Comedy

Intriguing hour about the long lost and forgotten.

Stand-Up Poet

Poetry that packs a punch

Suffering from Scottishness

Citizen Scotland’s Joseph McDaid takes us through a funny, engaging and erudite consultation on what it is like to be Scottish, for the non Scots who might want to be Scots.

The Butcher, The Brewer, The Baker…… and the Commentator

Scary look at the economic challenges facing a pre (and post) Britain.

The Empathy Experiment

Empathise more. Turn your smartphone off.

Umbrella Man

Start your Fringe day with a bang in the hands of a very talented poet and storyteller

Wild Unfeeling World

A clever and lyrical retelling of Moby DIck that warms the heart