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FringeReview Scotland 2020


A powerful reminder that life really is a beautiful mystery in a theatrically impressive story of a young woman who has battled the demons of negative mental health


A subtle and highly effective reawakening of a woman who always was.

Daddy Drag

Proof that whilst you cannot fit a person into a show, you can truly theatrically lift a lid on his behaviour, the effect he leaves behind and the void that others cannot fill


A hymnotic theatrical panic for the land, which exposes us to the language and the lyrical beauty of our own country.

The Metamorphosis

An original, vibrant and contemporarily relevant, fantastic adaptation of a classic text.

Whatever Happened to the Jaggy Nettles?

A glorious story of Punk, friendship and betrayal from the seventies, played out proud and loud by a fantastic addition to Scotland’s creative scene