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FringeReview UK 2019

Abigail’s Party

This is a superb revival; its tinted mirror keeps burnishing.

All About Eve

Absorbing. A must-see.

American Idiot

It’s still revolutionary.

Benidorm Live

Heartwarming. It has the brash conviction of it origins, out and proud of it.

Berberian Sound Studio

Thoroughly absorbing, full of walking shadows who throw vivid questions.


You’ll know the film. Despite the volume, you should know this.

Little Miss Sunshine

It’s a quiet heartbreaker, with stoicism and love the only answers. Do see it.

Noughts & Crosses

A must-see cry for love and tolerance

Richard II

A savage anointing, a revelatory reading.

Small Island

A reboot for the future, a passport for change.


Prepare to be Tartuffed.

The Full Monty

Unmissable in this – er, newly enhanced production.

The House on Cold Hill

Sleep as well as you can. The house won’t.

Three Sisters

This absorbing production keeps growing in the mind, like to take root.