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FringeReview UK 2019

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg

Over 50 years on, this still sets benchmarks. Its power to enthral, to appal can never date.

Abigail’s Party

This is a superb revival; its tinted mirror keeps burnishing.

All About Eve

Absorbing. A must-see.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Hannah Morrish’s Helena shines in this achingly desperate, quietly beautiful production.

Bartholomew Fair

If only one could see it twice: but try it at least once.


Still masterly, and in this rare revival, a must-see.

Cyprus Avenue

Devastating drama about the DNA of bigotry; and it all starts in surreal farce.


Original, raw, brilliantly funny and devastating. This production is Fleabag neat. Its harrowing streak of genius burns like a healing scar torn.

Henry IV Part 2 or Falstaff

The triumph of this newly-energized production is bringing the darker Falstaff to a diverse audience


In all the flurry of Fringe, don’t miss this gem.

INK Festival Feast From the East

I’ve not seen a festival of short plays to compare with these.

Little Miss Sunshine

It’s a quiet heartbreaker, with stoicism and love the only answers. Do see it.

Loving Androids

A beautifully-constructed play, small in compass, big in scope and deft at managing the transitions

Mary’s Babies

Maud Dromgoole’s proved more than adroit, skilful, and deliciously risk-taking. A must-see.

Measure for Measure

An outstanding production

Other People’s Money

A superb revival.


Rotterdam’s an outstanding play about sexual identity, choices, and above all what it means to transition.

seven methods of killing kylie jenner

‘What are you gonna do now…. clap?’ Yes, standing.


Speaks with a fierce innocence


A superb ensemble piece. Of all dramas on these interesting times in America, it’s the one truly necessary.

Stones in His Pockets

What better way to spend 105 minutes in the city?

The Dutch Lady

A consummate production of a memorably dark comedy

The End of History…

A play you want to return to.

The Glass Piano

A bewitching mix of deconstructive magic and fabulous therapy, it’s above all Grace Molony who brushes distinction into this already distinctive production.

The Lady From the Sea

A groundbreaking production. Even outside its unique terms it’s outstanding.

The Malcontent

Outstanding theatre.

The Price

An outstanding production, rescuing a classic from attic shadows.

The Taming of The Shrew

Highlight how good the play is just where we’re not looking for it

The Winter’s Tale

One of the finest LLT productions I can remember


A really worthwhile production with a few missed opportunities

White Pearl

The finest new play from the Court this year, gleaming and deadly