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FringeReview UK 2020

#AIWW The Arrest of Ai WeiWei

Brenton powerfully concertinas a continent’s politics and one artist’s refraction of it. Wong is outstanding


Did I say sucker-punch? It’s what the Orange Tree do every time.

An Inspector Calls

Still an outstanding production we might take for granted.

Cyprus Avenue

Devastating drama about the DNA of bigotry played as surreal farce.

Drawing the Line

Terrific, a harrowing education.

Far Away

Our greatest playwright since Beckett and Pinter. An outstanding revival. Hesitating?

Rockets and Blue Lights

A paean to endurance, love, and wrenched freedoms.

The Madness of George III

This magnificent revival poses even more urgent questions. A twitch on the thread for all of us.

The Tin Drum

Nico Holonics’ blaze-through avatar is unlikely to be surpassed.

This House

Vibrant proof as to why it’s been called the play of the decade


Theatrically the most thrilling end to any Bartlett play