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FringeReview UK 2019

A History of Water in the Middle East

Hugely absorbing it’s entertaining too.

After Edward

This has to be the smartest debut from this venue since Jessica Swales’ Bluestockings: no wonder the playscripts sold out early.

Ali and Dahlia

A phenomenally well-written first play

Blood Knot

With Angela Smith’s phrase ringing in our ears, there’s not going to be a better play anywhere that answers it. Do see it.




A masterfully conceived vehicle to stalk politics now

Inside Bitch

Visceral and sometimes very very funny. Then not. Essential viewing.

I’m Not Running

Compelling dissection of what hampers the mindset of our main progressive party.

Noughts & Crosses

A must-see cry for love and tolerance


A searing arc of a drama based on true events


We’re offered ‘salt to heal, salt to remember… above all for your wounds.’ Take it.

seven methods of killing kylie jenner

‘What are you gonna do now…. clap?’ Yes, standing.


A superb ensemble piece. Of all dramas on these interesting times in America, it’s the one truly necessary.


No wonder this play’s just extended its run. Don’t even read this before you try booking.

The American Clock

It’s imperative to see this production.

The End of History…

A play you want to return to.

The Ice Cream Boys

A deeply satisfying play

The Rubenstein Kiss

If you care for grippingly argued, passionate theatre, you must see this.

Top Girls

It doesn’t get much better than this.

‘Master Harold’… and the boys

A mostly terrific revival.