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San Francisco Fringe

San Francisco Fringe Festival

September 9-24 2016

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Welcome to our coverage of San Francisco Fringe.

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I want to see … at SF Fringe Fringe

fringe program cover 5.5x8.5

Our quirky and intuitive show-finding tool.

I want to see…

…a 1-woman cabaret of comedy, dance, & circus. Then see A Cabaret: Maiden, Mermaid, Crone

…a show about mathematicians. Then see A Mathematician at Play

…a pastiche in words, music and movement celebrating Gertrude Stein and the essence of Samuel Beckett. Then see A sentence is inside itself …

…three strangely magical tales of fate, of journeys taken, of crossings interrupted. Then see Abracadabra! and Other New Work

…a completely improvised musical. Then see All That Jazz!

…a modern score and live performance to accompany the 1926 silent film, Faust. Then see At the Crossroads

…a show with SONGS! PUPPETS! INNER TORMENT!. Then see Awaiting the Podiatrist

…a modern day jester sharing his tales. Then see Based On Actual Events

…Two Commedia Dell’Arte characters up against the world. Then see Beep & Bop

We’ll be adding more throughout the Fringe.


SF Fringe Link Collage

This is our visual way to find a show at SF Fringe Fringe. We’ll be adding to this visual feast throughout the Fringe. Simply click on an image that draws you in, then get booking…
  mysterium-Erica-Valen-Press mathematician-1 beep-100WRANDOM-72H

lorraine_olsen_fig_spk_pht01 it-Fukushima_-100W my-IMG_2515V-72H queer-Kit-Yan-Queer-Heartache-Foto-Cred-Tom-Cui

We’ll be adding more throughout the Fringe.


August 2016: Buy a Frequent Fringer 5 Show Pass or a Frequent Fringer 10 Show Pass

August 2016: Get the SF Fringe app and have the complete festival on your phone. Search for “San Francisco Fringe Fest”

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