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Welcome to our venue briefing page


We are looking forward to working with your venue during your Fringe programme.

FringeReview was established is 2006. Based in Brighton in the UK, we now review across the UK and at Fringe Festivals in the UK and overseas, including Brighton, Adelaide and Edinburgh.

We also review in Amsterdam, New York, Prague, Oxford, Buxton, Barnstaple, Bedford and London.

You can find out all you need to know about our ethos and review process here.



Getting shows previewed at your venue

Our main form of previewing shows are through our interviews. You can fill in our online form which takes the form of an online interview. We don’t guarantee to publish all interviews. A good interview will be open, informal and not a pasted press release. Your venue PR and press people can fill it in but we are looking for answers focused on the performing company’s work – their artistic process and reasons for brining their show to the venue and the particular Fringe festival.

Online interviews tend to stay up for a while, but not forever. The online inrerview form is here.

We also do selective audio interviews. Examples can be found here. Write to us at gubbins@fringereview.co.uk to apply for an audio interview. We can do these face to face and also on Skype.

We also produce show recommendations, but these are createdby our review team and are entirely independent. If you believe a show at your view is missing from our recommendation lists and “top tens” just let us know at gubbins@fringereview.co.uk.



Please note – from 2013,we  dropped using star ratings. We have replaced them with:




You can also mail us venue news, press releases and features at gubbins@fringereview.co.uk.

We also have a Facebook pagecommunity on Google Plus and a Twitter stream.


Dedicated Venue Pages

All main Fringe venues covered by us regularly have a venue page during a Fringe Festival and it is here we post interviews, previews and links to reviews. These go live a few weeks before a Fringe Festival. We do not publish a lot of features. We are mostly using interviews, recommendations and reviews. Send us copy for venue pages to gubbins@fringereview.co.uk.


Contact us any time at gubbins@fringereview.co.uk. We take all complaints seriously and will follow them up fully and professionally.



We wish you all much success!

The FringeReview team.