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4th – 20th May 2018

The Fringe is now over for 2017. Our 2017 coverage is below.

Welcome to our coverage of Wandsworth Fringe. Wandsworth Fringe is still a relatively new fringe and has grown significantly this year.  It is is also known more officially now as Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

“Wandsworth Arts Fringe (WAF) is a new, vibrant, annual showcase of creative activity taking place across the borough of Wandsworth each May.”

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Below is our coverage for 2017, now over until 2018.

I want to see… at Wandsworth Arts Fringe

Our intelligent and intuitive way to find a show or event at Wandsworth Arts Fringe. All of the shows below are recommended by us.


I want to see…

… a documentary about refugees and the Calais Jungle. Then see Refugee Stories

… some  clowning and poignant storytelling. Then see El Tradition

… the story of two nurses working for the NHS. Then see The Monologues of a Tired Nurse

… a Gaulier-trained performer. Then see The Performance

… a tale of a gloriously inept theatre group desperately attempting to put on a murder mystery. Then see Play On!

… some contemporary art. Then see Spectral Paradigms

… a vegetable orchestra. Then see London’s Vegetable Orchestra

… some clown and Shakespeare. Then see Clowning with Shakespeare

… some American folk music. Then see Little Folk with Albo

… a magic show with a difference. Then see Drunk Magic

… some spoken word and improvisation. Then see Brexit Fallout Shelter

… an acclaimed stand-up poet. Then see Dan Simpson: Artificial Ineloquence

a comedy/cabaret that looks at the process of reclaiming our own identity… by doing something completely different. Then see A Night of Reinvention

… some immersive theatre. Then see Everything Stops for Tea

… some sketch comedy. Then see Spilt Milk

… a bring-your-own poetry reading session. Then see Putney Poems

… some live classical music. Then see Music at St Michael’s

… a one woman show that looks at the complex line between actress and character. Then see A Woman in Search


More to come

Link Collage

Here’s a different way to find a show at Wandsworth Arts Fringe. We’ve chosen a few intriguing images from the programme that grabbed us. Click on an image that draws you and you’ll find a show – then get booking…





More to come

Keyword Chaos

Another way to find a show to see at a Fringe Festival is to trust your intuition. Each event offers a description with some unique and curiosity-arousing phrases. Here are a few from the Wandsworth programme. Simply go with your gut feel, click on a phrase and you’ll be taken to a show that might be the next one you should book…

“invented interiors and imagined landscapes where time and place disconnect.”

“A touching and hilarious look at loving older men.”

“A tale of survival and native flora told through opera & stuff”

“bizarre martial arts practices, unruly animal impressions and unhealthy absurdities”

“Imagine if the Chinese government bought the BBC?”

After several years, the war broke out and nothing was simple anymore.

“a young girl mysteriously goes missing”

“A politician is in a confession box”

“What to do when at fifteen you lose your child to adoption?”

“These are the stories the history books would prefer to be kept on the top shelf…”

“His music floats between the electronic downtempo, dream and space pop of the first Air”

More to come


Find a show
This is our simple way of finding a show by genre. Just browse until you find what takes your particular fancy…

a cappella


Arts and Crafts

Brass band

DJ music

Events, screenings, workshops and other activities

Family-friendly theatre

Live literature

Local art

Sketch comedy

Solo story theatre

Spoken word


Verbatim Theatre (what’s that?)


More to come

Nova Insula

Nova Insula is a site-responsive cinematic deconstruction of Shakespeare’s The Tempest that invites the viewer to an intimate journey through the basements of Putney Library by interweaving performance, new media and interactive installation.

Using video projections, sensory spaces and live-media interactions, Nova Insula gives a modern twist to Shakespeare’s most famous play by using new media technologies to shed a new light on The Tempest own storyline, themes and characters. Scenes and visual sequences are interlocked into each other, giving the audience the chance to explore the play through a variety of angles that offer new perspectives on the centuries-old Shakespearean classic. .
Set in the maze-like underground passages and unseen spaces of the basement of Putney Library, Nova Insula juxtaposes the confined environment of the Library with a transporting and imaginative narrative that the audience is free to explore by walking through the installation and the play unfolds before them.

Part of Wandsworth Council’s arts and culture programme, Wandsworth Arts Fringe brings together over 140 creative companies in an array of nooks and crannies throughout the borough- some indoor, some outdoor, and some truly unexpected. The festival is emphatically inclusive and welcomes participation from artists across all art forms- including performances, exhibitions, comedy, theatre, music, dance and everything in between.
Nova Insula has been created with the generous support of the Enable Wandsworth Arts Team, Putney Public Library and Hackney City Farm.



Nova Insula
Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival
Putney Library basement
5-7 Disraeli Road, SW15 1 London

Opening night: Wednesday 10th May 2017 5:00PM, 6:00PM, 7:00PM

Thursday 11th May 2017 5:00PM, 6:00PM, 7:00PM
Friday 12th May 2017 6:00PM, 7:00PM, 8:00PM
Saturday 13th May 2017 6:00PM, 7:00PM, 8:00PM
Sunday 14th May 2017 6:00PM, 7:00PM, 8:00PM

Performances will take place three times per day and will last approximately 50 min

Tickets £10 – £7 concession (students, 60+)


Mapped Productions is a UK-based international performing and visual arts company of artists and practitioners. We work in theatre, film, live events, and fine art. .

“Our work embraces interdisciplinary and environmentally tailored practice methods, which focus as much on the audience experience as on the performance design narrative. We develop site-responsive cinematic experiences to immerse our audience in the world we create as a group. We deconstruct the text, and re-present the themes and ideas using installation and new media, moving the emphasis away from the script and more towards the experience. We believe that by creating environments and physical interaction with spaces and media we highlight the immediacy and timelessness of these enduring narratives.”

Find out more here: www.mappedproductions.co.uk




Displaying At The End Theres A Dance Rough Triangle.png

The premiere of their new show “At The End There’s A Dance”


Dates: May 11th: 18.45 & 13th: 17.15 , 2017

Venue: The Putney Arches & The Cat’s Back



Bill and Dani must end their friendship. It’s particularly hard to do when they have shared a story for so long.

They have devised a plan to help sever their attachment with honour. They will say goodbye through a festival of endings and explore as many as they possibly can. It’s not always amicable. It’s not always sensible. But at least at the end there’s a dance.

Endings are a natural part of life. Life changes, friendships fade away and the ultimate end is always on the horizon. Why are people so resistant to change? Why do we struggle to accept the finite nature of all things? By looking at the essence of endings in a variety of mediums and subjects within the human experience Rough Triangle hope to learn how to finally accept their ending.

Different types of endings have different effects; the fairytale ending, the grand finale, the big reveal, the fizzle out. Switching from the heartfelt and poignant to the comedic and silly at the drop of a hat, Bill and Dani whirlwind through endings from movies, books, folktales, their own lives, and, errrrm…quantum physics.



Rough Triangle are a DIY collective of performers from a variety of backgrounds that create live art, devised theatre and performance.

Rough Triangle are led by Andrew Roberts and Dani Mosimann and have a number of associate artists that create work within the collective.

Rough Triangle are a group of performers working together to make performance that is demanding, different and fun.

Rough Triangle have presented work at Ignite Festival (The Bike Shed, Exeter), SPRINT Festival and Whose London is it Anyway (Camden People’s Theatre, London), LAB – Live Art Bistro (Leeds), Enjoy Art Space (Leeds), Stage@Leeds (Leeds), Nozstock Festival (Herefordshire), the Rosemary Branch Theatre (London) and the Stockholm Fringe Festival 2016 (Stockholm)








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