A Surreal Spectacle of Beauty, Bravery and Brutality: Emma Plotkin talks to Fionnuala Gygax about Kiss Kiss Slap Slap

Emma Plotkin talks to creator and performer Fionnuala Gygax about Kiss Kiss Slap Slap.  Gygax Addresses politics, the #MeToo movement, feminism and making this content accessible.

“A dressing room. Three women invite you in. A multifaceted performance about the Ireland we live in. About the Ireland we could live in. #MeToo has happened. The game is changing, times are shifting and the masks are finally slipping. Everyone’s a witness. So where do we go from here? The jury is still out.

A show created and performed by Fionnuala Gygax, Danielle Galligan and Venetia Bowe. About moving. Moving forward from past oppressions and microaggressions. About looking back but never returning, arriving and trying to define the new. A surreal spectacle of beauty, bravery and brutality.”

Listen to Our Interview with Fionnuala Gygax about Kiss Kiss Slap Slap