The Bechdel Test: Kate Saffin talks to Beth Watson about applying the Bechdel test to theatre


The origins of the Bechdale test lie in the 80s when graphic comic artist Alison Bechdale depicted two women outside a cinema looking for something with at least two women having a conversation which wasn’t about a man. They found Alien was their only option… thus was the Bechdel test created.

Initially only applied to film, Beth Watson of Bechdale Theatre aims to extend the test from film into theatre. In our interview Beth talks about the origins of the test and her work not just to identify theatre that passes the test but to start conversations about the ways women are depicted.

If you believe your show/play/performance meets the criteria: at least two women on stage talking about something other than a man then email or tweet Bechdale Theatre to let them know. You can also add the ‘this show passes the Bechdale test’ to your website or social media.

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Listen to our interview with Beth Watson about Bechdale Theatre