A Fast -paced Emotional Ride Through the Past and the Present: Paul Levy talks to Sam Chittenden about So You Say








Director and writer, Sam Chittenden, from Different Theatre, talks about her theatre piece at Camden Fringe which was an idea harvested from real life experience.

The production plays at Tristan Bates Theatre. “When ex-lovers meet after a gap of many years, what can we believe about the stories they tell? ‘So You Say’ explores the divergence over time of the stories we tell about events. Do these unreliable narratives arise from differing perspectives, self deception or downright dishonesty?”.

Billed as “a fast-paced emotional ride through past and present – funny, shocking and bittersweet”, the work was nominated for Best Play at Brighton Fringe 2017. In this interview, Sam discusses the piece, takes us into the rehearsal room and shares her experience in writing theatre as well as directing collaboratively with the cast.

Listen to our interview with Sam Chittenden about So You Say