The Essence of Improv: Paul Levy talks to John Cremer about The Maydays and Improvisation






Happily Never After is The Maydays improv show returning to the Fringe. “Award-winning improvisers The Maydays present this skin-prickling tale full of black comedy and haunting music, inspired by the warped imaginations of Tim Burton, Lemony Snicket and the Brothers Grimm. Starting with your suggestion, The Maydays take you on a bone-chilling journey, meeting the grotesque and the innocent, weaving a fantastical story that’s different every time. Happily Never After returns to edfringe for a second year after sell-out shows across Europe.”

But this interview with John Cremer goes much further than that. It’s a deep dive into the world of improvisation. John discusses what improvisation is really all about. John tries to life coach FringeReview editor Paul Levy into re-finding his improv mojo. Does he succeed? Listen here…

Listen to our interview with John Cremer about Improvisation and The Maydays