Appropriately Inappropriate – Jo Tomalin talks to Thao Thanh Cao about developing and performing her comedy show.


From Australia, Thao talks about how her life experiences influence her comedy and how she takes “the PC out of Stand Up Comedy”.

Thao originally wanted to be an actress but was disheartened because she didn’t see many Asians on TV. The only time she saw a lot of Asians on TV was on Border Security or Bondi Rescue. So she gave up her dream and decided to give stand-up comedy a go. In this show, Thao shares observational humour and throws in many one-liners and funny stories. Dry, self-deprecating and politically incorrect, this is not a show for the easily triggered. A show that takes the PC out of stand-up comedy.

Listen to our interview with Thao Thanh Cao about Appropriately Inappropriate