Dance Storytelling: Garry Roost talks to Gal Sabo about Triptych








Guest interviewer Garry Roost talks to Gal Sabo about Triptych. “Three stories meet on stage. Lior might sing for you, Aya dares not to like dogs and Nofar wonders why she was never harassed as a teen. They’ll tell stories, they’ll dance, they’ll try to make you laugh or might even make you cry. They’ll fight to win a game with no winners.”

Premiering at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a brand-new show that’s all about women’s unspoken voices and unheard thoughts, through storytelling, theatre and dance.

Triptych begins with three women recounting personal experiences to the audience. They all join to tell one story – The Karate Story – a story about not being sexually harassed by their Karate teacher. Through this story, they try to understand how women get to the point that they feel bad about themselves for not getting attention, instead of being happy that they weren’t harassed. With text, a variety of dance genres and humour, they take the audience through their inner discussion.

The show is a new piece by the choreographer Gal Sabo. Sabo began working on the show while she was doing her MA in Choreography and ended while she was studying her second MA in Gender Studies. She says: “I went out to a restaurant with my husband and put on my high heel boots and felt very happy with the way I looked, but at the same time, I was wondering why I felt so pleased wearing something that harms my back and hurts my legs.” Sabo explains that this conflict initiated an ongoing research process in the studio.

Triptych invites women and men to sit on three sides of the stage, surrounding the performers. The close distance forms a sense of intimacy with the three women on the stage: Aya Sadot, Nofar Oved and Lior lev/Amit Sidi. Every side of the audience hears a split narrative connecting them differently with each character. The costumes, designed by Tamar Zaidman, are convertible and change throughout the show creating a multitude of identities.

Listen to our interview with Gal Sabo about Triptych