Monsieur Somebody by Seamus Collins – bilingual theatre in English and French, Jo Tomalin talks with Joanne Allan, Artistic Director of Theatraverse about producing plays in both languages.

Joanne Allan talks with Jo Tomalin about developing bilingual plays, directing them and Monsieur Somebody, their latest production.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? The biggest secret you’ve ever kept? Claude the fraud is a deliciously despicable Frenchman that we love to hate, hate to love… But who could possibly love Claude? An absurdly comic tale of betrayal, barbiturates and a brew. Is this his real life? Is this just treachery? Caught in a web of lies, no escape from reality. At a time when political and humanitarian crises have become near-normal everyday horrors, Seamus Collins imagines just how far a nobody will go to become a somebody.

Listen to our interview with Joanne Allan about bilingual theatre