Paul Levy talks to Christopher Paddon about Twelfth Night








Paul Levy talks to Christopher Paddon from Some Kind of Theatre about Twelfth Night. The company is “an emerging, Edinburgh-based theatre company who have been creating work with literary themes in Scotland’s capital and beyond since 2015.” The company, as Christopher explains, has a unique approach to accessibility in theatre.

“Love, hysteria and deception reign in this Victorian reimagining of Shakespeare’s classic. Cesario is in love with Orsino, who’s in love with Olivia, who’s in love with Cesario, who’s really Viola in disguise. There’s cross-dressing, crossed lines and cross servants. The situation’s complicated, and that’s before Viola’s missing twin turns up! Societal masks, hidden identity, unrequited love and the perils of Victorian psychiatry form an intricate web of heartbreak and despair. Can love prevail against the mores of Victorian society? Make of it what you will.”

Listen to our interview with Christopher Paddon about Twelfth Night