Sci-fi Theatre of Sustainability: Paul Levy talks to Sam Metzger about Solarplexus: An Alternative Energy Play








How do you create theatre that wakes us up to the worrying future of our planet? You create theatre with messages embedded in the work and offer us a challenging glimpse of the future in this sci-fi theatre pieceSolarplexus: An Alternative Energy Play. Performer Sam Metzger shares the story of how the production came into being.




(Photo: Jess Hock)




“Enough fantasies of the apocalypse, it’s already here. Doom impending, Ellen and her brother seek refuge on their father’s sustainable, eco-friendly commune. His plan to save the world? A gender-fluid, pedal-powered bicycle named Mercury Daniels. But you’d better hope the family can set aside their differences before the CEO of that mega tech corporation, Syzygy, gets his hands on them. Will the family overcome their clashing beliefs and save the world with the forces of renewable energy? Corporate surveillance and conspiracies abound in this hyper-speed piece of sustainable sci-fi theatre from NYC.”

Listen to our interview with Sam Metzger about Solarplexus An Alternative Energy Play