Social issues, parents and 20 somethings: Jo Tomalin talks to Eleanor Hope-Jones, author and director, about her new play Darlings

Listen to our interview with Eleanor Hope-Jones, author and director talking to Jo Tomalin about social issues, parents and 20 somethings in her new play Darlings.

Eve escapes her mind with work, drink and sex. No one sees past her carefully curated image of a woman in control. Until she loses it. Gabe is her new addiction. After another night of watching him flirt, this time with their waitress, Eve confronts the darkness in him. Memories of a childhood long ignored resurface when she realises that his pain lives in her too. Darlings uses tender puppetry, striking stage images and a brutally vulnerable script to explore a manipulative relationship and its connection to childhood experience.

Listen to our interview with Eleanor Hope-Jones talking about her show Darlings.